Month 11 (I’m On a Boat….and I Hate It & Little Picker Upper)

Hattie has been watching mommy walk behind her and pick everything up & paying pretty good attention. When emptying her sock drawer, she stopped, looked at me, and then went about picking them up & putting back in the drawer…the RIGHT drawer even. I was so impressed with her ability to catch on to this little thing. I thought it was huge!

My brother joked that it obviously wasn’t a trait she got from me because I was a very sloppy child. It was pulling hair & teeth to get me to clean my room. I enjoyed my mess…because my mess was more like TeenBop magazine scrapping that I was taping to my wall…no big deal.


For 4th of July, we went up to my ex-step-dad (yeah I know) and his wife’s cabin in Donnelly. It was out by the lake, so naturally someone was going to have a boat to go out on. The first trip out, we borrowed a child life jacket for Hattie and she hated every second of it. This was a jet boat, though, and we weren’t taking any chances.

She was fascinated with the wake surfing that was happening, but was just so uncomfortable having the flotation device around her neck. Fortunately, the rocking of the boat made her fall asleep so she forgot about her misery in her dreams. She stayed on shore with grandpa for the second trip out. Ha.

IMG_4249 IMG_4233

But isn’t she so cute in it!?

Later that night, we watched the fireworks show that the NEXT-DOOR-NEIGHBORS put on. It was the biggest, loudest, in-your-face firework display I have every seen. With a $15,000 budget, it far beat the city ones that I’d seen…ever!

Keeping in mind how loud, long, and ridiculous this show was, tell me how she sleeps through it….in a dog bed on the back porch nonetheless. Ha ha ha


So funny! I guess that’s what happens when you have fun in the sun all day long. You sleep through World War III.

At the cabin (on shore this time), we let Hattie cool off in a little floaty table. That was her favorite thing the rest of the weekend…(I had to get a selfie of her in her little watermelon bikini).



Other fun mentionables:

Hattie sleeps in weird positions:

She’s a stunner in shades, but won’t leave them on her face
She’s just super cute…
This was the first time that she had fallen asleep when we were out & about shopping. She firstly fell asleep in the shopping cart & then on daddy…so cute.

We had a rather big storm hit our town a while ago. We left the door open with the screen door shut to get in a nice breeze. Hattie was so fascinated with the rain that she sat by the glass door and watched it for several minutes. This picture was just too cute not to share!!
She’s a cheezer….ha ha ha. Look at that scrunched up face. She’s so funny.
Helping daddy mow the lawn. She likes things that drive/go fast. Her need for speed definitely comes from her dad, because I’m a sissy-la-la when it comes to fear factor (except Roller Coasters…I like those).
Pop-Pop’s brother & his son came to visit (second cousins???). Here is Hattie with Sean. Ha ha…that face.


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Month 11 (big girl toys, pickles, & summer heat)

Month 11 has been so fun! Hattie is turning into such a big girl as she nears her 1 year birthday!! I feel like she changes & grows in her sleep every single night!

We haven’t had a wellness exam since she was 9 months old, so I couldn’t even tell you how much she has ACTUALLY grown, but it’s a big deal. She’s so petite and has always been a little behind in the sizes of clothing compared to her age. Up until last month, she has been in 6 months tops & 3 month bottoms. I know…lol. However, now her head won’t go through the holes & her legs are too chunky. She’s still petite; wearing 6-9 month tops & 6 month bottoms. If I even attempted to put her in 9-12 month bottoms, they would slide right off.


She has also grown up in her interests for toys. She is just totally over all the baby toys & wants to play with big girl toys 🙂

At the end of the day at her Princess School, they consolidate rooms & she gets a chance to play with big kids & big kid toys; like wooden puzzles & dolls. So I started looking in town for some big girl toys when I came across this gem of a kitchen!! I had a play kitchen when I was a little girl & I played with that kitchen until I left the house. Ha ha. It makes all kinds of fun noises & she already knows how to place the skillet & lids on the stove. She’ll be a Top Chef for sure.


Another big toy I found was an activity cube. We used to have one of these to play with at the dentist’s office when I was young. My brother & I would play with this cube forever & so I figured that Hattie would have a fun time with it as well.

She’s so smart & has already mastered all sides of the cube 🙂


I found the most adorable World Market rocking elephant as well. Here’s a screenshot of her enjoying her plush rocker from a video that I took. She’s a total cheerser these days, so the grin is a little extreme. Ha ha ha


Hattie has taken a sudden interest in pickles…proving once again how close the apple fell from her father’s tree. I swear; I wasn’t even the typical pregnant person who craved pickles, so she certainly didn’t get any from me in the womb. However, my husband demolishes pickles like a (typical) pregnant woman. He offered her some one day & she practically inhaled the whole fat pickle!!

She will sit on his lap & suck on the pickle; gutting it from the skin until it’s just totally gone. It’s so hilarious.

*work of caution, however…too much acidity from pickles lead to acidic bowels – which ultimately leads to bottom rashes & burning, so don’t let them eat too much pickle!!


I don’t know how frequently you watch the temperatures in Idaho, but it’s been another scorcher this summer. Idaho is known for its bipolar weather changes. We’ve seen all 4 seasons in one day on several occasions. Recently, though, the summer has been hot & dry (102-107*F), so it’s essential that we stay cool by either staying indoors or playing outside in shade & water.

We bought Hattie a plastic kiddie pool for splashing around in. The dog took it over, so Hattie took over the dog’s water bowl…


Ha ha ha. I couldn’t believe it. She loves water & usually splashes her hand in the water; which is nasty, so I usually just giggle & redirect her attention to something more sanitary. However, the other night, she went from hand splashing to toe splashing to leg dipping & then full-body squatting. Thank goodness my husband was quick with the trigger on his camera to capture her naughty action. Ha ha. It was so hilarious, but immediately wiped off the slobbery & hairy water.

Since the weather has been great, we’ve been enjoying the outdoors more & more. Even since then, however, we’ve noticed how much Hattie avoids touching grass. We’ve mentioned how much she admires dirt but grass…not so much.

We will sit her in the grass & she will lift her leg(s) like “oh hell no…this is nasty”. I was finally able to get it on camera, though…


Ha ha….


‘Toe-touches’ to avoid the grass. Ha ha ha

Amidst the heat comes the nasty ass bugs….like worms. Ew. Bryce saw one in the lawn and gave it to Hattie. I stood there just shivering in disgust; praying to God she wouldn’t tear it in half while putting it. Ha ha. Ugh it makes me shiver remembering it…


I just want to mention that Hattie got her first freckle. I didn’t really realize that they came on slowly or sporadically, but I noticed it one day while she was napping in my lap. I looked down & saw one tiny freckle on her right wrist. So adorable!! I looked all over for any other freckles, but that’s the first & only freckle on her little body…definitely to remember 🙂


I thought it would be a precious idea to take Hattie to Barnes & Noble to get a new book….without a stroller. Not recommended. Proceed with caution.

We show up, we go right to the kid section & she just LIT UP! It was so adorable to see her to excited & so happy in the book store….


until it all went downhill.

She was pulling all of the books off the shelves, running away from me with books in tow & almost ripped out several pages. I would pry her away & she would start screaming. Not just like whining either – screaming! I was THAT parent in public with a manic child. I was mortified. Had I put the stroller back in the car that day, I could have contained her more & enjoyed this book store moment, but now it’s one for the book of horrible decisions.

We left without a book…

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Month 10 (more teeth, bows, at the lake, & WALKING)

My mother came to visit while my husband was out of town which always means trouble> ha. It’s always a good thing for me, but dangerous for my husband because it means shopping & craft-time.

I’m shamelessly put on blast for putting Hattie in giant bows. My husband laughs about it while griping, so I haven’t stopped. Tee hee. They’re just so girly and adorable!!

So while my mom was in town, we hopped over to the craft store to make Hattie some more bows to match some new clothes that she bought. That’s only the appropriate thing to do after all.

Here’s how THAT went…

IMG_4156[1] IMG_4157[1]

IMG_4159[1] IMG_4158[1]


The only responses I got were

“go home, you’re drunk”
“my poor baby”
etc… ha ha.

Poor little girl has FOUR (yes, 4..omg) teeth coming in right now; all on top, all side by side, all the same time. Poor Hattie is in so much discomfort as you can possibly imagine. Even with gum massages, baby orajel, homeopathic teething tablets, and ibuprofen to keep her fever down, she struggles with getting comfortable & relaxed enough to sleep.

Though it can get hard for me, I have to remember how miserable she is, so I pull myself together and stay up as late as I need to help her get cozy and fall asleep.

Thanks to my mom’s brilliance, she showed me how to such up some water in her pacifier & freeze it. Hattie totally loved sucking on the frozen pacifier. It helped numb the pain a little bit I think.
It was pretty funny the first time, because I didn’t notice that she had placed the pacifier in the ice tray. I went to get myself a cold drink & out pops a binky into my glass. Ha ha. It was the funniest thing.

Back to the mountains we went; but this time we left the trailer at home and stayed in grandpa’s cabin. It was so lovely; located right on the lake! Hattie was fascinated with the lake, the sand, and the boat!!

IMG_3934 IMG_3935


It was so precious to see Hattie in this setting with her Grandpa Allen. Though him & dad were busy fishing most of the time, I was able to get this candid and it’s so precious…

IMG_3920 IMG_3919

The first thing we did was put the boat on the water. Hattie sat on my lap & watched as the water splashed onto the boat. After playing in the sun & snacking on some shortbread cookies (thank you Grandma Yvette), she was rocked to sleep by the slow water-rocking.

IMG_3918 IMG_3929


Back on shore, dad caught lots of fish & we were all very excited to see how Hattie would react. She did so good. I figured that, once it started wiggling, she would kind of freak out, but she wanted to hold the fish, hug the fish, put the fish in her mouth, and pat its face. Ha ha. She’s definitely her dad’s daughter 🙂


Gosh, seriously…what a totally busy month it has been for Month 10!! Not only has she had multiple growth spurts (it’s like a whole new baby when I go get her in the mornings sometimes), new teeth, firsts in the mountains, and now WALKING!!

She’s taken a step or two before just followed by an immediate collapse, but mainly holds herself up on furniture to move around.

Well, we were over at our neighbor’s house for dinner one night. She was incredibly fussy & did NOT want to eat dinner. All she wanted to do was sit on the floor and play with toys. Well, in an honest effort to be a better parent than letting my kid do whatever they want by throwing a fit, I held out until we were done with dinner and then let her down on the floor while we cleared the table. Withing moments of setting her down, she stood up & started making steps. My husband just starts shouting “Cami watch; she’s walking. Look at her; she’s walking!!”


This is just a screenshot from the video that was taken (still so sad that I cannot upload video on this blog, but it’s on social media). She took several steps and then fall on her bum & then take several steps. She didn’t even want to crawl. It’s as if, in just one instance, she decided she wanted to walk & was determined to master it in one evening. TOTALLY INCREDIBLE!!!

Since that night, she’s been a bumbling baby drunk & running into every corner, sharp object, hard floors, doors, and people. Ha ha. It’s only bound to happen that she’s going to be bumped & bruised at this stage, but my nerves cannot handle any more right now…about to wrap her in bubble wrap; I swear!!

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Month 10 (first camping trip)

Memorial Weekend has arrived & the weather sucks! Ha ha. When we finally have the time off together & my husband is in town to enjoy a break from reality, it’s raining cats & dogs in the valley. Regardless of the poor conditions, we hit the road anyway for a family camping trip. We have a trailer this year and figured “even if we’re sitting in the trailer playing cards all weekend, it’s better than being stuck in town”.

We met some friends up at Warm Lake for some little relaxation. They have a son who is only about 6 weeks apart from Hattie in age, so it was perfect.

On the way up, there was rain, thunder, lightning, car accidents, hazard lights, and my feet on the dashboard – shaking in horror as my husband drives unaffected by the hydroplaning.

The trip isn’t too terribly long, but I planned for a baby in the car EXTRA particularly. Here was our backseat to-go bag:

-toys & felt books
-travel cooler with empty bottle, water bottle, and formula-mixed bottle
-puffs finger snacks in a no-spill cup
-pacifier & emergency pacifier
-change of clothes
-essentials (diapers, wipes)

Ha ha. We figured that sticking our dog in the backseat would keep Hattie company during the trip since she LOVES her Cabela dog.

IMG_3817 - Copy


As soon as we got to our camp spot, we noticed the storm cloud veer around us & instantly blue skies!! Hooray; it’s going to be gorgeous just for us!! How lucky.

The first thing we did after setting up camp was get a family photo by the creek that ran by our site.




We really lucked out that the storms went around our site for the whole weekend. We really got to enjoy the most perfect weather!!

Hattie LOVED camp food…potatoes, eggs, sausage links, hot dogs, etc…all the good American stuff! But what she loved to put in her mouth the MOST was dirt. Ha ha. Every time I would look at her, she was examining something on the ground to thoroughly enjoy in her mouth. Needless to say she got incredibly messy…


Dad wanted to throw his fishing poles in the water, so we made a drive up to the lake & let the babies get nakey-butt to soak in some sunshine.



Watching her enjoy nature for the first time (aside from our backyard or the park) was so delightful. Just letting her get dirty, pick up mysterious pieces of grass or flowers or dirt was precious. My favorite was seeing her do this with her dad as this is his stomping ground. I just know that, as she grows, they’ll be bonding even more together in the mountains between hunting, shed searching, hiking, fishing, etc…


IMG_3794 IMG_3793


Mention-able moments would have to include watching Hattie’s face light up sitting by the campfire for the first time & watching everyone stuff their faces with smores. She was a little jealous that we didn’t share the flaming ball of fluff with her (rightfully so), but she did get a couple small nibbles on a mallow.

It was difficult to get her to nap or sleep while we were in the trailer mainly because it is an unfamiliar setting, but we got it together by the last day. She was able to sleep independently in her pack-in-play so we didn’t break the crib-sleeping while away from home which is important.

We were able to get her out on our Can-Am UTV as well which was so fun. We didn’t have a way to buckle her in, so I wore her in a baby harness on my chest while I was buckled up. Of course we stayed on trail & didn’t exceed certain speeds for her safety. It was so cute, though. With all the serene surroundings, she fell asleep during our scenic ride. It was really nice for us to have that moment where we could sit on the top of the mountain & overlook everything. We rarely get a moment like that to ourselves with a curious & busy baby. Though she missed out on a beautiful view, it was nice to soak it in ourselves & should have captured it on camera (but my phone was shut off during that drive).

More camping trips to come for sure…


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Month 9 (mother’s day & saying mama)

Okay, so I realized that I’m posting Hattie updates a little backwards. When she was born, I was posting under “Month 1” as in “the months from 0-1” and it got a little confusing really fast. It’s like “turning 1 month”, but whatever…so I’m going to just stop that at this point and try to remember wtf I was doing when I started this.

So I would usually post this under “Month 10” using the other system I was doing, but for trying retain my memory, I will do it the right way (and probably on a slow day go back & change the titles to make more sense for my benefit!).

She is 9 months and 3 weeks right now…going to be 10 months at the end of this week.

This is important to note when I look back to see how old she was at certain milestones in her little life. I was attempting to do this earlier to work on the baby book (better late than never, right) and realized I was messing with myself by posting things backwards.

So here we go; this is HUGE news. My older brother, Brandon, got married this weekend. On Mother’s Day. My first ever mother’s day and I was away from my baby. Part of me was traumatized, but if I had to be gone for any reason, this was a good one!!

My sweet husband opted to fly home from his out-of-state work project to watch our little babe while I made the trek to the other side of the country (BOISE to BALTIMORE).

This was my first trip away from her & I cannot hide that I cried at the airport when I left her & my husband at the TSA station. What a la-la, I know. But I just love them so much and goodbyes are always hard; even when they’re only for 2 days.

I tried to keep in touch as much as I could without coming off overbearing and worrisome. At the end of the day, I was heading to dinner with my mother, my aunt, & my uncle. I called my husband to check in and let him know our evening plans and asked how Hattie was doing. He said, “I tried to get her to say mama earlier and she was like ‘who?'”. Ha ha I know right..what a punk! It was funny only because I’ve been trying to get her to say mama forever and it always just comes out “dad”. I’ve accepted it. I will forever be known as “dad’s wife” and never “mama”. Ha.

When I got back to my dad’s house where he was graciously housing me for the duration of my stay, I get a text message from my husband; a video message. I was so tickled. I love to see their faces. I hit play and let my dad watch with me; it could only be harmless, right?!

We sat there watching together as my daughter opens her mouth and says “ma-ma” “ma-ma-ma-ma”. I started crying. On Mother’s Day; my first Mother’s Day, away from my baby, she says mama for the first time. My tears were so big with happiness that they fell on the dog under my feet and woke her up. Ha ha. Okay, so maybe my squealing woke the dog, but I like to think it was my swollen tears. Ha.


In my absence at home, my husband has been teaching Hattie how to stick her tongue out, so when I watched my mama video, she had her tongue out half the time. Like “ma-ma *tongue* ma-ma-ma *tongue*”. Ha ha. It was really cute.

Also in my absence, Hattie got to go to the zoo with her daddy. I was so jealous that they got to do this together without me, but at least he shared some adorable pictures. She loved the goats because they came right up to the gate for her to touch their little heads. Dad totally spaced the penguin exhibit however, so I guess we HAVE to go back 🙂




I’m sitting in the airport right now writing this post because I have quite the large delay before my next flight. Instead of actually enjoying the little shops & eateries at the Chicago airport, I booked it to find my next gate knowing good & well I would probably get turned around. It ended up being massively easy and over-rated. Ha. So here I sit with my much-coveted Starbucks coffee (generic coffee shops thus far have failed me miserably) and choose to just park my butt & wait for my lost flight to land & load.

Such a special & blessed first Mother’s Day for me with celebrating my brother’s wedding, welcoming a new sister into my family, getting to see far-away loved ones, and hearing my baby say ‘mama’ for the first time. It was totally worth the wait! Xoxo

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Month 9 (A Day in the Life)

I decided, on this Monday morning, to capture a day in the life of little Hattie. It’s the best day, because Mondays are my day off of work to spend with this muffin.

Hattie has been crib-trained since 3 months old, so she goes to sleep between 7:30 & 8:30pm. She will sleep through the night & wake up around 7:30am. Pretty dang good, right! That’s what I’m thinking.

So up with the sun at 7:00am this morning, I went to get her; all smiles.

We start our day off right with some baba & cartoons (her milk & my coffee of course). After watching a couple episodes of Octonauts, we go for something more hearty…some rice cereal mixed with applesauce & then top it off with Cheerios (because Cheerios are for winners).



I love watching her learn how to grab & examine things. She’s been at the pinch/grab stage for a while now, but it’s always fun to watch her look at things and try to figure them out. She loves little details, so will spend a good amount of time just looking at things. It’s precious.

When we’re done with breakfast, she likes to look out the back door to see if she can see the dogs running around. They’re usually being naughty & not by the door, so she gets distracted with little things or, in this case, my slippers…


She’s always on the go, though, so it doesn’t last too long in one spot…


I like to give her freedom & learn to get around on her own, but I really have to keep an eye on her because she’s fast on her little legs. In her adventures around the house, she will pull herself up onto anything & everything. She particularly likes to pull movies off of the bookshelves (mostly because she knows she’s not supposed to I think).


I usually have to corral her in the pack’n’play so that I can clean the house without worrying about her safety. It gives her some independence & allows me to do what I have to do to create a presentable living space before baby, hubby, & dogs turn it back into a disaster. Ha. It’s good for her to have some time to herself without me pulling her off of things, too, so the pack’n’play is a great way for her to investigate her toys & do her own thing with minimal supervision.

It’s usually only a couple of house in the morning before she’s ready for her morning nap. This is usually the biggest nap of the day for her. It’s as if she was ready for the day & then, never mind, I could use some more sleeps. It also allows me to get myself ready for the day while she snoozes & finish picking up a little bit.


Her room is the brightest room in the whole house. Not only does the sun fill up her room no matter where it’s shining from, but her room has a lot of yellow & buttercream tones in it. In order for her to have a good nap, we had to cover up her window with a blanket (aka…we’ve been too lazy to purchase a good shade for it). No big deal; it does the job.


Once wide awake again, it’s time to go play. It was our best intentions to meet GG at the park, but she had prior engagements with the grocery store (as would I if we hadn’t tackled that chore the day before). We headed out regardless to enjoy the weather.

Hattie is just now getting exposure to the great outdoors as the weather is getting better. So it only makes sense that this is her first summer she’ll maybe remember pieces of & is experiencing the outside for the first ‘real’ time.

At the park, we find a shady swing & go for a few pushes. She is a little hesitant at first with it & kind of scared at first, but gets distracted by watching the other kids play and then takes to it like a pro.


Just a few more pushes on the swing before we hit the slides…


I wasn’t able to capture the slide experience since she went down on my lap, but she really enjoyed it. When we got to the bottom, she was all-arms-out wanting to do it again; what an adrenaline junkie (oh man, I’m in trouble).

The kids were coming in a herd to the playground, so I decided to relocate to a calmer place. There were plenty of squirrels running about, so I parked the stroller under a big, shady tree & caught a few candids of Hattie examining ground-findings.



Naturally, most findings went straight into the mouth (it’s a good thing a little dirt never hurt anybody). She got lots of passer-byers stopping to say hello & say how cute she was. Such a tiny blessing she is. I think it’s those cheeks that draw people in. Ha ha.


Hattie is getting fonder of the grass. The first time we ever set her on it, she was like “ew ew ew…pick me up!” Ha. This time, it was a little better. She sat still for a little bit like “ugh…what do I do with this?” but then quickly started to see things that grabbed her attention; like sticks and this single blade of grass…


By the time we had circled the park, watched kids, watched squirrels, and touched all the trees, it was time to go home for some lunch and another nap (love naps!!).


The afternoons aren’t usually too eventful. I let her have some independent play, a nap after lunch, outside time with the dogs & seeing all of the flowers that are blooming around our property, and then usually just hang out.

We go back & forth between some educational cartoons, readings books, baking with mommy, crawling around & discovering, and this…just being a little kid…


I don’t like her getting into certain things in the house for her own protection or to teach her boundaries. However, there’s nothing wrong with turning a dog bowl into a drum station for a few minutes 🙂


“Mommy, is this okay?”


Though she wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first, the kid that she is quickly discovered that it made noise & that’s really all that matters right now.

She has these plastic stacking cups (which were my favorite when I was young) and she learns how to stack smaller cups into bigger cups. It was so cute because, when she found the second dog bowl, she banged them against each other & then stacked one inside of the other. What a smart girl 🙂


After drum lessons; ahem, playing with the dog bowls, it was time for dinner. She eats so many things now (well…tries so many things). She actually still eats baby food with chunks in it for texture & finger snacks. However, the recommended foods that she can eat from our plates consist of soft cheeses, beans, well-cooked vegetables, and very small & mushy meats.

Tonight was a squash, sweet potato, peas dinner with some of mom’s feta cheese & finger snacks. It left her face very orange like usual, so it was off for a bath.

She LOVES bathtime. But what she loves even more is playing with her toy ducks that Uncle Brandon got her when she was in my tummy. They’re rubber duckies that look like decoys. Perfect!! They’re just the right size for her…


Out of the bath & into some fresh, clean jammies…time to get this little muffin calmed down & ready for bedtime. It usually takes about 2 hours to get her ready for sleeping. She can sometimes go down really quickly, but usually a couple of hours to wind down, relax, take a warm bottle, and go to sleep.


She started her winding down tonight by picking out a movie (aka taking every movie off of the shelf). We don’t actually watch any of the movies she tears off the shelf…but I like to let her think she’s doing something very wonderful in the process of bedtime routine. Ha.


Then it’s off to bed…

A day in the life of a 9 month old & her mommy really isn’t that bad at all! It’s a lot of work sometimes & I don’t always have my act together as far as a calm or patient composure, but I really do my best to provide a good life for Hattie that is filled with adventure, new things, learning opportunities, eclectic experiences, and routine.

I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to spend days like this with her because they’re going by so quickly and will just be memories before long.

We love you baby! Xoxo…

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Hattie: Month 8 (talking, Skyping, and Spring)

Happy Spring everyone!! Hurray! I love Fall and I love Spring! Unfortunately theyre the too shortest seasons ever…which is dumb. Whatever. 

Not much has been going on outside of the usual on the Bozeman homestead. My honey bunny has been working out of town tons which leaves the babe and I to do girlish things all by our lonesome…like bake things, watch chick shows, cry & complain about being alone, and not wearing bras.

It’s been a journey. 

Speaking of “cry & complain”, it’s usually cry & complain about the lovely husband/dad figure that’s absent. We miss him so much when he’s away. So much so this time around that every single thing has become “dad“. Hattie hasn’t said “daddy” too much since her first go at it, but the talking has surfaced full swing & everything is “dad”. The couch is dad, the dog is dad, her baba is dad…hell…I’m dad. So not right. 

It’s pretty damn cute, though. She usually plays camera shy when I whip out my phone, but I was able to film her twice going on her daddy rant & would post it if I wasn’t too cheap for the free WordPress version of my blog. Ha….in personal archives it will remain. 


With family being scattered across the country, the best way to stay in touch is Skyping when we all have the time. Hattie still can’t wrap her head around it however and usually sits, puzzled by the interacting ‘video’ on my phone during these times.

Well, one particular time, my mom got my brothers dog in the screen and Hattie’s reaction was nothing short of priceless…


Her face!!! Bahaha. She looks a little creepy according to my husband, but it makes me giggly heartily. 

She’ll pick up on it soon I’m sure. 


This child cannot just sleep still. Always a funky position…thought I’d share a few nappy nap pictures…

Butt-up at Princess School:


Face-down with her chicken, Chewy:


And sideways on mama:


Like seriously …    These are just a few!


Happy Easter! Hattie’s first easter this year. Didn’t make it out to hunt for eggs as we would literally have to put the ‘hidden eggs’ directly in front of her. Ha. 

But she did get pretty for the easter rabbit:


When she wasn’t stunned by the photographers rattle or playing with the rabbits fur, we were able to get a few good images. Love it.

Even got cutesy for visiting with family at GG’s house:


(Yeah….someone can reach the movies now. Heaven help us all). 



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