Week 10 (a new doctor)

Our baby doesn’t have a tail anymore! That’s awesome!! Some serious things are starting to develop in there and I CANNOT WAIT to see them!!

On that topic of “seeing” my baby…I have officially decided to transfer to a new doctor. Let me just tell you some things that made me change my mind about the place I was currently going to.
#1. If you read my post about my first dr’s visit, you saw that I was a little disappointed when I learned I would already be starting off with seeing someone than I initially chose for my pregnancy. Well, not only that, but the office itself recommends that I see a new Provider EVERY time because ‘Lord knows’ who is going to deliver my baby as they’re all on call. Well, I didn’t like that! I wanted to have a consistent dr who knows who I am at each visit and what I’m going through.
#2. I was given a call when my lab results came back to inform me that I have what is called the “RH Factor”. They told me this over the phone. When I asked what it was, they said “oh I’ll send you a pamphlet, but if you start spotting, come into our office to get a shot”. So there I was sitting on my phone looking up this mysterious RH Factor and freaking out…since my blood is a negative type, there is a possibility (under the circumstance that Bryce’s blood is positive), my body will fight the baby and could lead to a miscarriage. Bryce gets home and I’m trying to tell him this news while crying because I’m so scared that my stupid blood type could kill our baby when I could’ve been given so much reassurance from my stupid dr’s office & SHOULD HAVE!!
#3. As if I need another one…this one really gets under my nails. The office told me that I would only be getting ONE ultrasound my ENTIRE pregnancy and that would be at the gender reveal. Well…I’m no expert in child-producing, but this is my first pregnancy and I would like to see up in there to make sure that everything is going according to plan BEFORE 20 weeks in!! Not to mention, everyone I’ve ever known to be pregnant always has their little sonogram pictures WAY before then…so why am I not getting that?? When I called to request it, I was denied. I had NO say what-so-ever at this facility. I had no control and I didn’t like that.

So I’m going to be seeing Dr. Kattenhorn at St. Alphonsus OB/GYN in Boise. I went to high school with his son & he delivered my brother, Trenton. Crazy! But awesome. I heard great things about him & the hospital, so I know that I will be in good hands there.

I knew I was getting somewhere when I made my first visit & they advised me that I would be getting an ultrasound. Well………….TADA!! So January 8th, 2014…we get to see & hear our little baby for the very first time and I am so tickled!!



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2 responses to “Week 10 (a new doctor)

  1. Donna VanOrder

    I’m really hoping the new doctor assured you about the RH factor stuff. If not…I will reassure you with my limited knowledge. I’m neg, John is +, so we’ve had to deal with it 3 times. We’re not easily worried by things and we it didn’t tick our personal worry meter. I had to have a shot after 2 of our babies because they were RH+, but that was the extent of it being a “pain” for us!

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