Week 10 (i smell everything & i don’t like you)

Even though I feel like I’m slowly waking up on a better side of the bed, mornings are a little rough for me and it’s best to kind of just leave me alone…unless you’re giving out massages, then I most definitely want you around. They’re not rough in the sense that I’m sick, but that I don’t sleep like I used to. I toss & turn a ton and usually feel like I’m aware of everything…just with my eyes closed. This lack of perfection sleep that I USED to get leaves me a little groggy and a little pissy in the morning.

This pissy morning attitude usually goes away over the course of my first few hours at work while I monch on some cereal, but if that morning wake up routine is disturbed by someone else’s problems or attitude, I snap back into a big black dragon again. I feel super selfish, but I kind of don’t care about anyone else’s problems before, like…11.

I was destined to be that person that can wake up early, but must wake up slowly…if that makes sense. I can be up with the sun & the chickens and the other hard-working Americans, but only if that means that I can get my hubby out the door while still in my pajamas, have a warm cup of something, a light breakfast, a bath, watch morning shows, do some exercising, get pretty, get dressed, & then get out the door within a 4-5 hour span, then yes…I can be a morning person. But to wake up & be out the door in 35-40 minutes looking fully refreshed is just not my cup of joe. Just not. It’s an inevitable occurrence, so I naturally do it…and since I have to naturally, inevitable do it…I don’t want to be bothered for 4-5 hours. Ha. This underlying awareness of the morning selfishness has just blossomed at this phase in my pregnancy. I’m much more aware of that gremlin inside of me & don’t really have the energy to cage it, so it slips out every now & then…lo siento for whoever tries to dish me their issues before I’m ready to give a damn.

I smell everything. It’s kind of cool, but it’s such a curse at the same time, because I’m reaching that point where certain foods or smells make me want to gag. These certain foods right now are raw meats. I cannot…I repeat CANNOT cook raw ground beef without wanting to shove my head in the toilet. It’s kind of a staple for a lot of our meals throughout the week, so having to choke through it has done more harm than good I think. I end up having to stop halfway through and pray to Jesus that Bryce will come home to finish it so that my senses can get a break! Another is raw chicken…just the smells of uncooked meats makes me all urpy. I just can’t deal with it. Just typing it up even makes my skin crawl. *shivers..* ew.

Sometimes I smell things that aren’t even in front of me. I’ll have days where the only thing I want in the whole world is a plate of rice & curry or a hotdog and I smell it right then and there as if it were just within reach. That’s a vivid pregnancy brain…or I’m just crazy. Either one.



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5 responses to “Week 10 (i smell everything & i don’t like you)

  1. Yuck… 10 weeks was probably the worst I ever felt. It will get better soon!

  2. lori aberle

    Everything thing thing sounds perfectly NORMAL! LOL Enjoy this time.

  3. Whew! Good to know, auntie. Thanks for the reassurance that I’m “normal” when I feel a little harsh. Ha ha. I’ll get better, world, I promise!!

  4. Jazmine

    I love your blog! This was such a great read. Even if you are feeling pissy, your honesty is refreshingly funny. Love ya girl!

    • Thank you deary! I sometimes think that I’m being a little too honest, but I think that it is refreshing most of the time. No need to sugarcoat the crap & no need to dismiss the joys, either. Glad to hear people are actually taking a read.

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