Week 5, Day 3. The day we found out!


I took 2 home tests that were negative, so when I was 4 days late, I decided to take a test at work to see if the results were any different. I grabbed Erin Brennan from her office to see if she could run the test for my while I once again went pee in a cup. We waited and there was one very bold, solid line…-not pregnant-. “Ugh”, I thought, “I don’t understand why I’m so late and still nothing. I guess I’ll stick it out until Friday and retest.” Erin kept hovering over the test saying “seriously Cam, I see a second line. It’s really faint.” We both kind of shrugged it off and thought that we were seeing it because we were looking for it. I went back to my desk and just kept working. Only minutes later, Erin runs up to me, places the test down and says “congratulations, you’re having a baby!” I look down and see two lines. “Shut up”. She said, “I KNEW I saw a second line. I had to hold on to it because I swore it was there! Congratulations!!!” I still couldn’t believe it! After two (almost three) negative results, I thought surely I was just seeing things, so we took another….-positive-…-pregnant-. Oh my gosh. I couldn’t even grasp the idea because it felt too good to be true. Were we really that lucky to get pregnant the first month that we tried? Being the planner that I am, I instantly hop online to see when we might have conceived and what I’m about to expect. According to the charts, we conceived on October 18th, 2013. This was the last day that we had the opportunity to try before Bryce’s guided hunting trip. It was right in the beginning of my ovulation and I thought surely we couldn’t get that fortunate the first time, but we apparently made that last day count! Our due date is July 11, 2014; putting me at 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

1 test

2 test

I knew that I needed an OB/GYN appointment before I turned 8 weeks and that my 8 weeks mark was exactly on Thanksgiving and that doctor’s offices usually book a ways out, so I looked up a few people online to find a place that was close and a provider that looked friendly. I like Julie Stevens with OB/GYN Associates in Meridian, ID. It was close to work and she had a nice face. I called the office and got it all scheduled. This means that we should have an ultrasound picture ready and available for when we announce our pregnancy to our families (hopefully on Thanksgiving). My appointment is November 21 at 1:15pm.

I didn’t want to just text or call Bryce to tell him, so I thought of some ideas. Knowing that my lunch break was coming up, I had to hatch a plan quickly, so I thought of something to incorporate our dogs. I was going to get a bib from the store and write “mommy’s pregnant” on it. Then when Bryce is in another room, place it on the collar of our dog, Cabela (his favorite. Ha) and have her walk over to him so he can see it on her neck. He called me on my lunch break while I was driving to the store and was telling me about the rough day that he was having. It was taking everything in me to just act normal; knowing not to ruin the surprise element. We had to get groceries together after work, too, so it was going to just be so hard to bite my tongue, but worth the wait.

I still had to continue the rest of the work day with this great news bottled up inside! I was just about to die. I don’t know if it was the excitement or early signs, but can I just tell you that I have never been so gassy, burpy, and pee-crazy in my whole life until that week! It’s like it all made sense why my body was acting so cray!

We met up at the grocery store after work. It was so hard because I wanted to grab foods for my new diet plan as well as some more vitamins and lotions, but that would give it away, so I had to wait. As we were leaving, there was a verrrry obese woman waiting for her food in the deli section. Bryce kind of laughed and said “watch, that’s going to be YOU when you’re pregnant…” My stomach dropped into my butt and thought “omigosh, now I cannot tell him!” Ha.

When I got home, I had it all prepared to tell Bryce the news. I grabbed a dog collar and took the bib into our bedroom closet where it wouldn’t be seen and waited for him to get comfortable on the couch while dinner was baking. The dogs naturally followed me in there and I placed the collar on Trigger (our chocolate lab/pointer). I started my video camera and walked towards the living room.

“Hey babe, will you call Trigger?” I asked. Bryce turned around to see why I might need Trigger out of my way while calling him and saw that I was taking a picture or videotaping. He looked down and saw Trigger’s caller and then saw the bib on it.

“What is this?” he was looking down trying to figure it out.

Okay pause…so there were no plain bibs in the store!! I had to write on the BACK OF ONE…so the first thing Bryce saw was the print on the FRONT that had a teddy bear and said “such a little cutie” on it.

He grabs the bib and reads the front, laughs, and tosses it at me “he is NOT a little cutie”.
Ha…”no, you have to read it” I said tossing it back at him.
He turned it around and read my handwriting “Dad, mommy’s pregnant.”
“No! No you’re not!” he looked over at me with his face turning kind of red and smiling. “That’s a lie!” He said reaching his hand out to me to pull me in closer. It was so unreal and he was so happy!! Then he looked at me and said, “so I bet that comment I made at the grocery store made you really mad, huh!? Ha ha ha.”

We ate dinner and sat very close to each other. We both knew we would be waiting for my blood test results to come back, so nothing was really certain, but we were hopeful. He kissed my belly with the thought this his child is in there and looked through Pinterest with me at all the great ideas for what was going to be coming up in our near future.

It was a really special moment to share together in this new milestone in our lives and hopefully the blood test says “positive” just to concrete this news!


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