Week 5 (snoozeville)

Oh my goodness… I am so tired! I have been pretty fortunate that, up until this point, I haven’t really been having the regular symptoms that people talk about like nausea or tenderness. I do have to pee a lot. Anyway…it has officially hit me. . . I am so tired! Maybe it’s on account that my job is so boring! I can’t complain because it’s a pretty plushy Monday-Friday, 7-5 desk job, but we see about 3 patients a day and it just about does me in sitting at my desk not doing anything stimulating. I usually get tired in the afternoons at my job anyway, but today it’s just so much worse than usual. I’m so tempted to curl up under my desk and take a nap or go to sleep in my jeep with the warm sun rays coming through the windows. Aw. That’d be fantastic!
I don’t want to be a lazy pregnant woman, so I try to not tell anyone or show it…especially at home. This early on, I don’t want Bryce to think “oh my gosh…if she’s already tired, then I’m going to have to do everything around here for the next 9 months”. I like to cook and I still want to be involved in cleaning the house and getting things done. If I could just have a couple hours for lunch to take a snooze at work, that would be amazing! Oh man!

Bryce had to pull his childhood dog down today; Wally. I felt so awful that he had to go through that hurt and I really wish that there is something that can be done during those kinds of occurrences to take the pain away. Part of me wants to feel that God opened a door with our pregnancy knowing that this was coming…like a reminder that, though this passing is sad, there’s new life. But that’s just the way I can perceive it and be there for Bryce in any way that he needs me to be in order to grieve.

I still haven’t started a set “diet” for my pregnancy yet. I feel that I make pretty good food choices by eating in healthy proportions; I eat vegetables with my dinners, and mix up my proteins from white & dark meats. I have a fairly healthy intake of food, but I know it needs to be better. I haven’t decided what I’m going to follow as far as rules. The only one that I know is that I should only be consuming 300 extra calories a day and that having a snack right before bed helps morning nausea because there’s food source for the baby though the night. I don’t like the idea because it goes against everything you’re raised to believe about NOT eating before bed…but I suppose under the circumstances, I’ll have to have a quick nibble of something.

So far, these are the people that know we’re expecting:

*Everyone in my office. They did my tests for gosh sake, so I couldn’t keep that one a secret
*Krissy (since I was the first one she told, I promised her she would be the first family member to know)
*Nick & Jennifer


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