Week 7 (baby’s growth & the stupid chalkboard)

I am 7 whole weeks today. Like, are you kidding me? I’m almost totally through my second month already. It’s kind of surreal since I basically missed out on the first month and didn’t even know what was going on.
This week our little baby has got a lot going on! He/she is growing hands and feet with webbed little fingers, a pancreas, a liver, and its little bitty eyeballs are forming. I can’t wait to have those eyes see mommy & daddy for the first time. It makes me wanna tear up just thinking about it now. What a little miracle to know what’s brewing my very own belly.

Bryce has been so great at absorbing all the baby information that I give him. Not only has he been so supportive with my fluctuating mood swings, but remembers what I tell him about our baby’s growth & development. I really want him to feel as much involved as I am.

On the topic of my freaking chalkboard…I was not in a creative spirit this morning when trying to brainstorm our 8 Weeks announcement picture for my dad, so I told Bryce I’ll have to think about it at work and then draw it up when I get home from work. I sent him a couple of doodles that I drew up at work and we agreed on one that we like. I also looked up some tips on what the heck to use for writing on a chalkboard.

I discovered this thing called a mechanical chalk pencil that’s sold with refillable, skinny chalks that you can sharpen & everything. Perfect!! Easy to write with, easy to hold & easy to erase is exactly what I want! Now just to find where in the valley I can buy this miraculous set of chalks will be my challenge.




December 17, 2013 · 10:06 pm

2 responses to “Week 7 (baby’s growth & the stupid chalkboard)

  1. They also sell Chalk markers. I’m not sure what stores around here sell them but amazon has a bunch.

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