Week 7 (the 1st doctor visit)

I saw Julie Stevens, NP at OB/GYN Associates in Meridian. The office was so professional, clean, and friendly. I sat in the lobby for a while, but such is the case in any doctor’s office. I should know since I work for one! It’s okay, though….gave me time to catch up on my Candy Crush game. Ha.

I basically had a routine physical examination with the added talk of babies. My nurse was Kara and she was just the sweetest lady ever! Super friendly and made me feel really comfortable about what we were doing & why. When Julie Stevens came into the room, she wasn’t who I was expecting based on her headshot, so I was a little taken back, but she was really nice as well. She asked me lots of questions about medical history and my somewhat-plans for the growing baby. She performed my pap-smear which I had never done before. I know…SO naughty! I’m about 5 years late, but I prefer to be naïve to things going on in my body when I feel totally normal. Sometimes people just get caught up with medical information that they become psycho hypochondriacs. Trust me; I know plenty of them! I was a little worried about how it was going to go down because everyone just loathes these things and bitterly complains about annual physicals and pap appointments.

So when she was done, I sat up and said “that was it?” She laughed whole-heartedly at me and lowered my feet. “Why do people always complain about that?” I asked “that was nothing!”
She nodded and said “I’m telling you…not that bad! You’re all set dear. Off for labs.”

Before leaving the room, she asked who I wanted to see at my next appointment. I thought it was so weird that she would ask me that. I kind of smirked and said “well you…if that’s okay.” She informed me that she can see me for little visits like this one for the examination and for minor concerns like a UTI in the future, but that my other appointments for the most part will need a doctor (M.D.). I was so kind of disappointed because I was hoping for the same person throughout my entire pregnancy, but at least I learned this early on and from my next appointment forward, I will have Dr. Armstrong.

When I got back to work, I was welcomed with a “job well done” bonus and I couldn’t be happier. Great appointment, great doctors to work with & deliver my baby, minimal medical expenses in our future, and a work bonus. I was having a great afternoon despite the fact that our office network crashed & nothing was working. Ha.

The evening was not as smooth…let me just tell you. I was so concentrated on trying to draw on my pregnancy chalkboard that I burned the noodles for dinner. While throwing my minor tantrum, Bryce reminded me that they’re just noodles and we made mashed potatoes instead. Whew…thanks for the cool-down babe!

On the topic of my chalkboard…it’s not working. I don’t know how people make their chalk art so gorgeous because my chalk kept breaking and only makes straight lines…I was getting so frustrated. I guess I will just have to figure something out, though.


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