Week 8 (turkey & the grand announcement)

Finally! I can barely hold this in any longer. I am the WORST at keeping a secret. Don’t ever tell me anything that no one ever in the entire world cannot know, because I just have to tell somebody! When I know a secret, it just eats at my core like acid. I can’t do it. It is not in the cloth that God wove into me to be a secret-keeper, so having to hold this news in for so long has been the greatest challenge!

#1. My dad:
I called my dad before we got to my mom’s on Thanksgiving morning to tell him the news. They had some church friends over and were eating a late lunch. I chatted it up with him a little while before saying “oh you know what, dad, while I have you on the phone, I wanted to ask you a question. How do you feel about being a grandpa?” He was kind of taken back; you could tell before saying “well wait, are you just asking me how I feel or are you trying to tell me something?” Ha. He was very happy for us and he said “I have to admit; it makes me feel older.” It’s really going to be hard having him live so far away during all of these upcoming milestones, but I told him to save some vacation time for next July!

#2. My family (mom, grandparents, Brandon, & Dusty)
We told my mom and family over Thanksgiving dinner and they were all very shocked but thrilled. My mom was crying. Ha. We brought over my stupid chalkboard that I finally doodled something on (that was hardly visible) and we had the whole thing planned. We were going to set my camera up on a timer to take a family picture and then say “okay, on 3, say CAMI’S PREGNANT” so that the camera would capture everyone’s reaction, but then we thought about my family and the fact that none of them would probably get it…so we nixed the idea & just told them at dinner.
My mom was clinking her glass to allow us to give an announcement that she was certain we were going to be giving that day (you know, that whole psychic thing where she thinks she knows everything…except she was actually right and didn’t know it). We laughed and said “no mom…we don’t have an announcement”. Bryce said “the truth is…we stopped trying 8 weeks ago” and I said “because we got lucky enough the first time”.
Everyone kind of stopped and said “wait, what??”
Given the golden opportunity to play on my mother’s emotions, Bryce says a couple of times “no we’re kidding” while I say “no we’re not”. We had her going pretty good on whether or not to believe us before we relieved her emotions & told her the truth. Everyone was very excited…hugs & belly touches all around.

#3. Allen
We stopped on the way home to tell Allen and his mom. It was so late and I was so tired at that point, we really didn’t have the energy for anything more creative than “are you ready for another baby around here?” following a conversation about his wife’s grandchildren. He kind of smirked and made sure he understood what I was saying & then congratulations were in order. Ha.

#4. The Bozeman Family
We told Bryce’s family on Friday when we were over there for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone was very happy. The plan was to have Bryce say grace, but when Pops started on prayer, I started to wonder how else we were going to go about it. Much to my surprise, after Pops said ‘amen’, Bryce asks if he can say his own prayer. It kind of took everyone by surprise since he’s usually not the person to volunteer, but of course no one declined the offer. Over his prayer, he gave thanks for the blessings in our lives like the baby that is growing in (my) Cami’s belly. I had to open my eye to see if anyone caught on & Mary’s jaw was wide open. I started to laugh a little and it was a dead giveaway that it was for real.

It’s nice to finally have the family know so I can talk to them about what I’m going through. There are family members who understand my condition and it’s really helpful to hear that what I’m going through is normal and they understand.


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