Week 9 (slacking & the case of the gases)

Week 9 felt great as far as getting to finally eat normal again & not feeling dizzy or light-headed. I didn’t have any of those crappy ole’ symptoms anymore and could just start to feel normal again…as normal as you can feel when growing vital organs inside of you.

Not that I am in the clear, however…where I lack in the dizzy & nauseating symptoms, I make up for in the lack of energy & fatigue. I could sleep for a full 8 hours, get up to pee & take a drink, and then go back to sleep for another 8 without any problems what-so-ever. When I am awake, I act as thought I only got a 30 minute nap because I don’t have the energy to do much of anything. I somehow manage to dress myself, do my hair & makeup, brush my teeth, & drive to work. What happens in between is just kind of a blur.

I have to admit that I haven’t been staying on top of house work as much as I would like to & Bryce has really helped out in the morning with making sure that I have everything I need before leaving the house and making the bed. He’s been such a trooper. I know he’s had to deal with a lot of changes, too, so it’s so nice that he can go with the flow to help me out.

All I want in the world right now is a maid! I hate having a messy house, so not having the energy to clean like I usually do has been so difficult!! Even folding a load of laundry wears me out & I end up taking a quick nap on top of the warm, clean clothes. Ha. Whoops.

I’m starting to acquire something that’s not super pleasant. No one really hits on these topics unless you bring them up first, so just bare with me on these little details.
I said it. Sorry. It is what it is. There is a factory of gas production going on in my body and it just decides randomly whether it’s going to come out on the top floor or the bottom floor. It’s always a surprise to me, too. The belching is this ongoing thing. You would think I have a medical condition.
About the bottom floor…I really try to stay as classy as possible. In this department, I really just can’t let that happen. Not only because it’s not super polite for other people to have to deal with, but it’s plain yucky. Bryce tells me “nope…you don’t do that. Sorry”…so there is hands down, absolutely NO bottom floor gas releases around Bryce which means that I have to hold it in which means that my stomach starts to hurt which means that I spend ample time in the “other room” reassuring Bryce that I am absolutely not doing anything gross. Ha ha. What to do, what to do.


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