Yep It’s Legit; blood test!

I got to work this morning and was hounding our incoming faxes; looking for the results of my pregnancy blood test from yesterday. Nothing….nothing…..waiting, waiting…..nothing. Oh my goodness. I wanted to, of course, be the first person to see the results so I was on edge.

Finally, the test comes back in a batch from the lab.

Bozeman. Cami….Date of Birth…blah blah blah, looking looking……POSITIVE!

“Oh my goodness…this is real!!” I squealed to myself in my chair as I get a text from Erin inquiring about the results. I immediately text Bryce to let him know “it’s official, Daddy!”

News spreads around this office of 12 faster than free food, so I knew I might as well be the one to tell people instead of having them hear through the grapevine. I started in the back offices and the Providers and then eventually cued in the other girls. They were all so ecstatic; the perfect reaction you would hope to get from people! I was enamored with joy.

lab result


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