Week 11 (making it viral)

We knew that we wanted to wait until we were closer to 12 weeks before sharing the news with people outside of our immediate family just because that’s what’s usually recommended. By that point, the baby is considered in a “safer” spot. That being said, we agreed to just announce it on our social media pages around Christmas to make it easier!

We were sitting in the living room watching TV when I said “lets take our Christmas picture in a way that we can use it to announce the baby!” I kind of had an idea already what I wanted to do…we just needed to put it into action.

I initially wanted to take the picture outside because that’s my preference for photography…natural light is not only beautiful on your skin, but it’s easier to manipulate if you need to edit. However…our dogs slightly destroyed our yard of anything beautiful & wouldn’t sit still to save their lives, so we pulled it inside.

Getting everyone in the Christmas spirit, we had scarves & bandanas & ski goggles & bows on the pups, but it ended up staying on all but Georgia; our basset hound. She does as she pleases & reminds everyone of it. Every time we would run to set the timer on the camera, she had her decorations pawed off of herself. The little hellion. Lol. So, in our picture, she’s the only one not cooperating and we just had to let that happen. This is actually the best picture we could get of her. Her noise was either in my crotch, in Bryce’s crotch, hiding in the tree, or under another dog. Ha ha…. so here it is… our Merry Christmas 2013 card:




December 23, 2013 · 8:30 am

2 responses to “Week 11 (making it viral)

  1. Congratulations! Super cute Christmas picture too. I am 27 weeks with our first baby. Scary and exciting!

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