Clothing for First Trimester (when you just look bloated)

Clothing for First Trimester (when you just look bloated)

I’m at that stage where, if people don’t know I’m pregnant, I just look like I drink a little too much or I’m bloated. The tight-fitted clothing designed to hug my baby bump just looks like I’m a little too proud of my pooch. Ha. I’m so grateful that it’s winter for me during this phase so I can wear sweaters. Here’s a guide to some outfits you can piece together if you’re in that beginning stage of showing…

The first outfit is casual. It’s great because you can have the comfort of a tighter tank top hugging your curves, but a loose-fitting sweater over the top conceals the pooch. Pair with a great set of boots & jewelry.

The second outfit is a lazy day indoors. A baggy t-shirt dress with a fur vest is so cute if you’re going to be cozied up inside most of the day. You can take the vest off when you’re lounging in your socks or throw it on if you get a chill.

The third outfit is for going out. I love these pants that fit a little loose in the leg & then tighten at the ankles. Throw on a baggy tank top that won’t hug your stomach & then throw on a pop of color in a leather jacket because it is going to be cold when you’re at least walking to the restaurant.


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December 26, 2013 · 8:51 am

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