Week 11 (Merry Christmas & is it obvious?)

This Christmas was a little different than most for a couple of reasons. It was a series of redundancies with “is it weird that this will be your last Christmas without a baby?” and “next year we’ll be adding another stocking”. Ha ha.

It’s absolutely surreal and I guess I hadn’t really thought about it that way before until everyone else started bringing it up. It will be a little crazy that, every Christmas after this one, there will be an addition to our family, new ornaments on the tree, new faces in the family photos, and new memories.

It must be totally obvious that I’m pregnant & needing some pampering because I hit the jackpot this year with comforts!! Certificate to get my nails done, bath robe, memory foam pillow, body pillow, back massager…and of course chocolates!! Ha. Score! Thanks family!

The best present of all, of course, is that we are expecting a little baby and we can only pray that he or she will be happy & healthy. Really looking forward to January 8th when we get to see our baby for the first time & hear the heartbeat. I’ll probably cry; not going to lie.

With Christmas over, the tree & decorations down, the over-abundance of food in my belly, and back to work….time to set my eyes on the goals for 2014. I really try to come up with realistic resolutions every year & this year will be no different…with the exception of baby & mommy goals 🙂

With that said….Happy Holidays folks!



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2 responses to “Week 11 (Merry Christmas & is it obvious?)

  1. Kim Cowart

    I had an uncontrollable giggle when I had my first sonogram. I was completely star struck. I hope you feel that same 🙂 Its such a happy moment. Congrats

    • Thank you! I cannot wait! Especially since this is my first pregnancy, I just want to be able to see the baby and have that guarantee that everything in there is going according to plan.

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