Beauty Brag: Bye-bye eye bags

With my sleeping pattern changing due to some slight discomfort throughout the pregnancy, I’ve noticed those bags under my eyes getting worse. My regular makeup routine wasn’t helping it at all, so I was on the prowl for something to help! 

When I was at Ulta getting some basics, I came across:

Physician’s Formula: Youthful Wear



Took it home & tried it out…worked like a charm!! I use it a touch different than recommended. There’s three parts to this; 

1. Liquid concealer with wand at the base
2. A concealer stick in the middle (a shade lighter than the liquid concealer)
3. A roller ball at the top to blend them together

I use this AFTER I’ve done all of my face makeup!! It works like perfection as an eye-bag concealer as well as a highlighter to contouring. 
Instead of using the wand first, I use the concealer stick first directly underneath my lower lashes and create a triangle towards my nose & out towards my cheek.
Then I use the liquid concealer wand to dot a few spots along the line where the base of my eye bags are visible.
I use the roller ball to blend them the best I can (it doesn’t do the job alone) and then use my fingers to dab the edges to smooth it out. 

Their website for this product & more can be found by clicking here


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