Week 12 (“yay I’m a llama again”)

We’re kind of huge movie-quoters in my family. One of those epic movies has to be “Emperor’s New Groove”. Ever since my brothers & I were really young, we’ve been hooked on the lines in that movie. For those of you who have missed out on this movie, let me explain… there’s this emperor who gets turned into a llama by a wicked-like lady who wants his title & position. As a llama, he goes on  this life-changing & self-awakening journey. When he reaches the palace, he tries all these different potions to try to change him back to a human. He attempts to change into a huge variety of animals & after about 6 different potions, he turns back into a llama. He’s sitting there saying “yay I’m a llama again”. You see, even though he wasn’t 100% back to himself, he was back to something familiar. That’s how I feel this line works so well with me turning 12 weeks.

Even though I’m not 100% myself (and that’s okay because I’m on a preggo journey), I’m really feeling quite normal again. I’m feeling happy and healthy with a normal appetite back. Not having any icky side-effects of being pregnant makes it a lot more enjoyable…for me AND my husband who has to put up with me. Ha.

I still have these moments where I realize I have super-pregnant powers like smelling everything still. It’s on overload still for sure & I can usually deal unless something really foul crosses my path. For example…our dog got into something throughout the day & had a serious case of diarrhea. It was so bad that we both awoke from our sleep & the smell sent me into tears…it just wouldn’t go away! Even after cleaning, scrubbing, & scenting the room, the smell was so foul that I was instantly sick to my stomach. That was a rough night. Poor doggy had an upset stomach and then I did.

I’ve been enjoying quite the little stay-cation recently. I had some time that I took off after the holidays when I thought a group of us were going to be renting a winter cabin, but funds didn’t fall through for that closer to the date and we backed out of that idea. I still had the time off, though, and decided to finally use some of my PTO for some serious down-time. I got a chance to really catch up on some cleaning and relaxation which has definitely helped my mood!! Getting a full night’s worth of sleep, waking up slow, accomplishing something though the day, and having a clean house makes me so happy! Bryce and I both know, though, that I’m going to start hating life when I’m back to work. Ha

Well y’all…we’re getting that much closer to our ultrasound appointment!! A St. Alphonsus sooo much closer to our house just opened up a brand new baby center and I’m stoked. This probably means another doctor than the one that I knew in Boise, but I’m going to be happy when it means that the delivery room is about 30 minutes closer to me when that time comes!


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