Poll: Which Diaper?

I think we’ve decided on Pampers for our baby after doing some research. Pampers Swaddlers received huge ratings from other moms on my community page at BabyCenter.com, so after looking into it, I think we’re going to hop on that band-wagon. But I’m curious the percentage of y’all that use other diaper brands & why.

Let me know!


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January 2, 2014 · 12:03 pm

One response to “Poll: Which Diaper?

  1. I went with Pampers swaddlers &&& LOVED Them!!! They are amazing, I never had a leak (unless you aren’t watching how you put them on, but that goes to say with any diaper)!!! However, the other Pampers sizes and types left with things to be desired…Once you get outta newborn and size 1, they tend to leak a little. So, I switched, I use Huggies Little Movers, as I have never had a leak and they actually conform to Deans little baby booty!!!

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