Week 12 (a trip to the ER & a heartbeat)


We officially kicked off the New Year with a trip to the hospital. Since the only thing open was the ER, it seemed a little more dramatic than it probably needed to be. Since about week 8, I’ve been having intermittent abdominal pains. This time it was just way worse & there was no ignoring my body. Being 12 1/2 weeks and still not seeing or hearing the baby, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t ignoring some very important signs, so we hopped into the Jeep to make sure baby was okay.

Once at the hospital, I had the nicest nurse ever! Her name was Noelle and she was pregnant, too, so she totally understood my concerns. They went over all my usual symptoms & data before getting out the Doppler to make sure my pregnancy wasn’t ectopic.

*scary, scary, scary, scary*

I was trying to not think of the worst thing every when she was having some problems locating the little baby, but when she found it, I grabbed her arm and said “is that the baby?” She smiled at me and nodded while counting the beats. 162 BPM; strong, healthy, & in the right spot in my belly. I started crying of course and got a reassuring forehead-kiss from Bryce. I’ll never forget it. I was so happy!

The rest of the day was spent on the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet…absolutely NOT what I was craving…and a heating pad. Nothing seemed to make me more comfortable or relieve the stomach cramping that I was having. I could swear something was ruptured in there.

I hit the sack at about 8:30. I laid in bed with Bryce watching some History Channel before finding a comfortable spot & totally zonking out. I woke up knowing that all I really needed was my bed, my pillows, and back scratches from my love to make it all better. Still not feeling 100%, but better…I’m back to work after a 6-day ‘staycation’ and not too excited about it. But 2 days before the weekend, it could be worse 🙂


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