2014: Resolutions

Okay, I have officially put together my 2014 list of resolutions. I decided to take a different approach this year.  I usually make about 50 tangible goals like “eat at X restaurant” or “go to the movies X amount of times this year”, etc. This year, however, I’m just resolving to do things in general that will offer a better & more enriching life.


You can find them with images here on my Pinterest.

Here is that list:

Exercise my relationship with the Lord
 Find beauty in something every day
 Remember birthdays & send cards
 Invest in better & more enriching friendships
 Eat cleaner/fresher foods
 Be more playful
 Be a kind, gentle, & loving momma
 Create gatherings, enjoy life & simple food
 Budget for future goals & stick to it
 Have more meaningful conversations
 Blog more; this life is worth sharing
 Capture more of our life on camera

I’m excited & hopeful for this new year. It’s going to be bringing a lot of new experiences and adventures for us. I want to make sure that I’m doing my part to make it a better and happier home for our sweet baby, for myself & husband as a couple, and for myself.


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