Food: Veggie Rye Sammy & Popcorn Chips

As part of my resolutions for the New Year & because it’s just down-right the “right” thing, I have decided to eliminate the habit of dining out for lunch during my work days. It’s so easy to just order some Jimmy Johns or go grab something, but I’m really going to try to eat fresh foods & make my lunches every day instead.

Here is what is on the menu this week for lunch (one of my favorites):

Veggie Rye Sammy
Special K Popcorn Chips (sea salt)
Gatorade (orange flavor)

Veggie Rye Sammy
dark rye bread
buttered lettuce
smoked swiss cheese
sliced black olives
light mayo
Italian dressing

It sounds kind of weird and it doesn’t contain any meat, so my husband won’t go near it 🙂 but the combination of flavors is so delicious & it is so satisfying. The Italian dressing can make it super messy, so I usually spread it with the mayonnaise so it doesn’t slide all over the lettuce or cheese. I get all of these supplies at Wal*Mart. Surprisingly enough, Fred Meyer (which is closer to my job) doesn’t carry half of these items and I don’t substitute very well with this sandwich. The smoked swiss is sliced fresh in the deli section & the buttered lettuce is in produce. It comes in its own little container away from contamination (yay).

All of these together (including the Gatorade) comes to just under $25 at Wal*Mart (1/4lb cheese) which equals out to just under $5/day for lunch. That’s going to save money for sure since my previous dining out averaged $7-12/day. Go me.

I eat a handful of Special K popcorn chips with this & a Gatorade and I am good to go for lunch! Yummo!



January 6, 2014 · 2:08 pm

2 responses to “Food: Veggie Rye Sammy & Popcorn Chips

  1. Teri Butler

    You mother is not so savy. I just noticed I can leave comments to you blog (silly I’m sure to those who know these things).
    Good choice in fresh foods daughter…healthy grandbabies wanted. Grandma plans to spoil later with sugar treats anyway!!!!!!!!!!! HeeHee.

    • Hi mommy!! I’m so happy to hear that you read my blog! Yay!! I was beginning to wonder if I was that crazy person who talks to herself…online. Ha. This is one of my favorite sandwiches and I’m trying not to eat it too much so that I don’t end up disliking it, but for now it just really hits the spot!
      I don’t doubt that you’ll be pumping the babies with stories, sugar, and creativity! That’s what grandmas are for anyway… Love you momma!!

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