Week 13 (the first signs of nesting & a fresh perspective)

I love week 13 so far. I’ve been feeling great; really back to normal compared to most of the first trimester. There’s still symptoms that remind me just how pregnant I really am like constant bathroom breaks, tender ta-tas, and heightened sense of smell (still). I’m trying to control my cravings to make sure I’m making healthy nutritional decisions after the nasty case of cramps I got in the New Year, but sometimes I really just want a hot dog!

Bryce has been super-husband with all the hard work he’s been doing around the house recently! He really busted butt this weekend to finish cleaning up our garage & organizing his ‘hunting room’ so that we can finally start delving into what will be the nursery (our right-now guest bedroom). We had family over for dinner last night, so that instantly put me into the cleaning mood. While I was cleaning the house, I really got the sense of all the little things I will start getting anal about the closer we get to having our baby in our home. We talked about all the things we need to do to make sure we have a super clean & safe home for baby…and that came down to the baseboards. Oh my gosh…does anybody else hate cleaning baseboards as much as I do? I doubt it. I don’t understand how they get so dirty! If I could just have a maid JUST for baseboards, it’d be worth the money. Ha ha. I’m being a little dramatic, of course, but with a house of dirty daddy & indoor/outdoor doggies, dust & hair accumulates EVERYWHERE. So…there will be some new cleaning regimens and sanitizing rules that will start to be established before we welcome baby home. I think this is the beginning of nesting. It’s not always in the nursery…but in the preparation as a whole. I’m getting that itchy feeling that I should just be home non-stop until everything is ready…even though I’ve got another 5-ish months until we need to have it finished.

I’m really anxious to know what the gender is so we can finalize the design aspect. I hate procrastinating & am kind of the most impatient person, so I just want to get started on putting plans into place for baby boy or baby girl. But I guess the waiting game is half of the fun and I shouldn’t rush it.

Sitting there in my clean house, lights down low, and book in hand (CELEBRATE by Pippa Middleton) gave me such an enlightening perspective. This book was something I wanted since I picked it up in the book store. It’s a book about celebrating family & friends in true gatherings. Gatherings that don’t include TV, video games, or social media. Gatherings the way they used to be…in a home with quaint decorations, respectful attire, good homemade meals, laughter, & good conversation. It made me think about the life I want for our family. I want a life like that for our family. Where we eat at the dinner table & not in front of the television; where we enjoy each other’s company & not with our faces glued to a cell phone; where we celebrate family & not the victory of reaching the next level in a game. I want a life where we play outside together, where we grow traditions & beliefs. I took a sigh of relief knowing that all of that was in our hands & the life that I envisioned was absolutely attainable with dedication & persistence. I’m so ready!


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