Week 13: ultrasound day & shouldn’t have left the house

Go figure that the most awesome day of my pregnancy so far would take place on the second grand snowfall of the season! It’s ultrasound day!! Aside from the excitement I had waking up this morning with a fresh smoothie & loves from hubbs, I got a phone call 30 minutes later from him telling me that the snow had fallen last night & he had been backed up on the road forever with a trail of taillights ahead of him.
Crap“, I thought, “here I am laying in bed, in my skivvies, watching Elvis Presley in ‘Live a Little, Love a Lot” and now I have to get ready in a jiff & head out the door.”
Thank goodness for the years of experience living in the dorm where you utilize the ‘sleep until you have 5 minutest to get to class & look presentable’ hair & makeup routine, I was prepared to use my old tricks to look halfway put together today!

I had to make the treacherous journey to work this morning with all the other idiots in Idaho. Living about 25 minutes away from work, it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to get here. You would think that driving in my Jeep would be like walking on snowshoes on the roads, but it’s actually kind ofa a la-la on the icy terrain. I was fishtailing across most roads and ice-skating on the rest of it (thank you so much for not plowing the roads this morning Gem/Ada County! I love the ‘maybe I’ll survive’ feeling I get when skiing to work). I say Idaho idiots because everyone acts like this is their very first time seeing weather! They slam on their breaks, slide of the road, cut each other off, drive in the middle of the road, and freak out instead of just going a safe speed, abiding the laws of icy roads like ‘you might slide a little, so leave some buffer room between the car ahead of you’ and ‘you might need to overcorrect yourself when making that turn, so don’t gas the hell on’. But thankfully, I timed this train wreck accordingly and walked in the building 2 minutes late (*shame shame* I know!!). I have a feeling that my day will consist of every patient telling me about how horrible their trip to the office was with all this snow…or to call & say “forget this…I’m staying home”. Ha.

Our appointment at St Alphonsus is today!! Yay! I cannot wait to head over to the hospital, meet up with my honey, and then see our little baby growing so big & healthy! We got great news that he/she has a healthy heartbeat over our unfortunate trip to the hospital on New Years Day, so hopefully the good news will continue to pour in at today’s appointment. This is our very first ultrasound! I know…I get the same shock from everyone that I tell. First pregnancy, already into my 2nd Trimester, and I’m just NOW getting an ultrasound. But you know, it will actually be so awesome, because baby will be big enough to really distinguish on the screen, so it’s actually a cool thing that the first time will be such a show!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for an image of baby in the Ultrasound Page!! Oh and…here’s to hoping that the roads clear up before my appointment so I’m not running late to my appointment!


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