Week 13 (we saw baby & of course it’s about food)

I was showing everyone our ultrasound pictures this morning of our little baby! I was still excited telling the story the 4th, 5th, 6th time to everyone about what we saw, how we reacted, and the things that made us laugh.

(Go to my “ultrasounds” page to see the images)

If I could give advice to anyone, I would say “tell the ultrasound tech to take a screenshot when you see an angle you want to share” or “just take your own pictures or video during the ultrasound in case they don’t print off everything you wanted to share with others“. I go over this in the Ultrasounds Page, but I have to reiterate how I really wanted images printed off of baby arms that were up by the head. The tech found baby right away & the first thing we saw was the baby’s profile; arms up in the air by the head and legs up in the air. We laughed together about how baby was laying like our lab, Cabela, with all limbs in the air; on their backs. Ha ha. It was humorous! But I’m not bitter about it; I still love the fact that I finally got to see our baby & was so relieved to see that everything was looking normal & healthy.

I got a call from my mom this morning who suggested that I share food references with people so they get an idea of how big baby is getting. I get these kinds of alerts on my baby app “Ovia“, but she’s right; everyone else should probably know. So at this point, of course it’s all about food and isn’t it ironic that I’m always craving Mexican cuisine while baby is the size of a jalapeno. Ha.




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2 responses to “Week 13 (we saw baby & of course it’s about food)

  1. Teri Butler

    I swear I can see a resemblance of me in that ultra sound! That’s MY belly for sure!

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