Week 15 (a late 14 week pic & taking care of myself)

Happy Friday!

I’m so tickled this morning. Not only did I finally get my 14 week picture taken & uploaded into my social media feed {finally}, but it’s Friday, I got to sleep an extra hour this morning, had 2 deep dreams, and our friends are coming into town tonight to munch up some dinner with us. Yay me!

Here I am at 14 weeks {practically 15 weeks by the time I got the picture taken}:


Bryce says that I’m finally showing + that I need to start rubbing lotions on my belly to prevent stretch marks. I didn’t think I was to that point yet, but he’s right. The sooner I start, the less likely I am to suffer from scarring. As little at a time my stomach is stretching, it is nonetheless stretching, so I need to be taking care of my body a lot more now.

I’ve been doing a good job nutritionally to make sure that I’m making healthy choices, but have kind of neglected other aspects of caring for myself. I HATE working out. I really don’t like it + I think it’s because I haven’t found that thing that is motivating for me. I have a workout DVD {Knocked Up Fitness} that I have been doing and it has been really awesome, but I should be walking. Between having a desk job + chilly weather, I haven’t been walking + I need to be doing that! I haven’t been caring for my skin, either, with lotions + cocoa butters, so I need to get on that, too….starting today!

That being said, I need to start taking control of taking care of me…so here is me thinking aloud real quick…using my blog as my doodle pad real quick:

Monday – Friday:
4:00pm: 30 minutes Knocked Up Fitness Routine
4:30pm: stretch + then walk the dogs
5:30pm: shower + cocoa butter up the belly
6:30pm: dinner for pups + start dinner for us

Okay…see…it’s totally do-able! I can do this. Ha.


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January 17, 2014 · 8:31 am

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