Week 15 (the inversion & my mood)

Okay…so I don’t know how many other people are suffering from this right now, but here in Idaho, we have been suffering a major inversion. The weather has been cold, the air quality has been poor, it has been foggy as hell, and everyone’s mood around me is not helping mine get any better.

I don’t want to have to blame anything for my decrease in energy & mood, but there is something called “seasonal depression” and I think I’m going through it. I’m generally a very delightful person, but recently I haven’t been able to mask the fact that I’m just in poor spirits.

There are things that assist in poor mood and I think I’m falling into some categories here to support my theory:

1. Not moving enough: True! I have a desk job where I’m sedentary 8 hours a day. Then I get home and don’t want to go for a walk outside because the weather is so bitterly cold. I do a workout routine indoors, but that’s sedentary for the most part as well due to my pregnancy restrictions.

2. Worrying about money. We’re not in the poor house by any means, but new expenses like a baby, having to make some changes to the house, etc. have been causing financial concerns more than usual. This is a minor factor, perhaps.

3. Turning into a hermit. With the weather being cold, foggy, damp {ahem…miserable}, we haven’t been able to enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, the Harley {which I won’t be able to enjoy until August anyway}, 4-wheeling, etc. and it’s been so poopy. It’s hard to even make plans with friends, because we’ll just be sitting around indoors at their house, our house, or in a restaurant. Turning into a hermit means more than being an unsociable person…it’s the attitude of not going anywhere or doing anything to change your scenery. Sad face.

Check, check, and check. I’m not a fan of the cold anyway, but have it stick around forever in below average temperatures + poor air quality + the dreariness of fog…I just can’t deal anymore! What is a girl to do? I need a vacation to somewhere tropical. Then again, with over 3,000 flights being cancelled a day due to the weather, we would probably get stranded somewhere on the way there and then lose our jobs because we couldn’t get back to them in time, and be in the poop-hole for sure!

So I guess the only thing I can do is try extra hard to get up & moving in any type of way, distract my depression with fun activities, and do things on the weekends to get us out of the house like bowling…or something.

Hurry up summer…I need you!!

In the world of baby, however, here are some updates:

Baby is now officially the size of an avocado. How silly all these ingredients in comparison to baby’s size could be the beginning of some great guacamole (avocado, lemon, jalapeno…) Ha.

Avocado on white


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January 22, 2014 · 12:27 pm

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