Week 16 (4 months & new-ish hair)

Happy Friday! Holy TGIF for sure! This week has been one of those weeks that drags on…just excruciating. I had the privilege of having my regrowth touched up last night. However, it’s not exactly what I was after {sad face}.

Do you ever go to a salon expecting to come out looking one way and then leave looking nothing like the image in your head? Is it our own faults for setting such high standards before going into the salon or is it a miscommunication between artist and head of hair? Whatever it is, I was a victim of such results yesterday following my 2 hour visit to the hair chair.

My stylist was such a doll & actually exactly as pregnant as I am. We share the same due date and everything. We hit it off pretty well in conversation and she is pretty smart at the art she does with hair. The blonde hair color that she pulled from my brassy blown-out disaster was perfection, but I should have gotten an all-over platinum color vs. a foil because I left feeling the same as when I went in…just with a better blonde color. So I guess in this case, I just didn’t express well enough the outcome I was looking for & I’m going to be talking with her today about how to get it resolved. Hopefully that can happen sooner than later because I’ve been itching for this new hair color for a few weeks now and am not a super patient person. Ha.

I can’t believe that I’m 4 months pregnant today. Where is all this time going? And at the same time, I’m not even half way there yet. I’m getting so anxious to feel baby move around as I know I have the potential to feel him/her anywhere between 16 & 22 weeks. But with it feeling like gas or bubbles, who knows if I’ll really be able to distinguish it…bummer.

According to my ever-information baby app, Ovia, baby is now the size of a Dill Pickle; which surprises me that I haven’t been craving them like most stereotypical pregnant women do.


It’s pretty exciting this week because baby can now hear me talking. I wonder if it’s me or everybody. If it’s everybody, then I should probably buy some belly earmuffs because baby doesn’t need to hear most of the noise that people are saying around me. Ha. Maybe Bryce will get an early start to telling bedtime stories to my stomach…which will aid in me getting some better sleep perhaps. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’ve never ever had a hard time sleeping. I’m a good sleeper! But recently, my go-to position leaves my shoulders feeling twisted and my arms falling asleep and my whole body just twisted & cramped up. I’m becoming a back-sleeper which is something I’ve never been. I’m a side-sleeper! What am I going to do when baby is so heavy that I can’t sleep on my back?? Buy a hammock with a whole in it and dangle face-side-down? ………..guess so.

Been pretty blessed with a really easy pregnancy so far, however. I have to say that I haven’t been suffering from anything abnormal or treacherous and all the changes I’ve been going through don’t last for very long when they do occur. Baby must love mommy because I’ve been well spoiled on this journey! Thanks little pickle!


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January 24, 2014 · 8:34 am

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