Week 17 (stagnancy and steady)

No huge changes to make note of so far this week. I have my follow up appointment with the doctor this Wednesday, but it’s just a doctor’s appointment; no ultrasounds just yet. Probably just a routine check up to make sure that I am in good health. Other than that tidbit of news, I have been a little bummed that I haven’t felt the baby moving yet. I know I have a ways until it’s a regular occurrence, but I hear that any point from 16 weeks forward, you can feel it a little bit and I haven’t yet.
I’m happy to still be within a healthy weight & gaining it gradually as I am supposed to. I’m a little over 4 months and weighing in at 120; 6lbs more than my starting weight. I’m reading that’s normal, so I’m relieved even though I’m not used to seeing higher numbers on the scale. Eek.

On a personal level, I’ve been hitting a stump at work. It doesn’t help that I’ve been self-diagnosed with seasonal depression, but I’ve been feeling extremely down about my working conditions. It’s very slow paced. Let me rephrase that…it’s entirely slow paced. My schedule right now is 7am-3pm which sounds italic, but when patients stop coming in by 11am, it makes the rest of the day drag on as if I were working until 8 or 9pm. I work very well in a fast-paced environment as I generally work very quickly & efficiently. I used to work on the other side of this clinic doing administration for the family practice; patients every 10-15 minutes. For a short while I was working open to close all by myself because we were short-handed a second receptionist. I did very well and the days flew by because I was constantly busy! So this change in positions is driving me bonkers. I hate being in a position that a tree could do. I’ve mentioned the stagnancy to my employers; hoping that by some means of pity & seniority, I would acquire my desired former position back, but to no avail so far. What’s a girl to do…

Being at a desk job can be so hard on the body; from bad posture to straining eyes and carpel-tunnel…and now being pregnant, it just causes fatigue and lack of energy which is so not healthy for me! I need to be moving around and keeping my energy up throughout the day. I don’t want to just sit around and gain weight. Ah.

Until something happens, however…this is the way it’s going to be to make ends meet. I know I should just be grateful to have a job, so I don’t mean to seem greedy, but the circumstances being what they are…I just know the position that I COULD have and I miss it. That’s all.

Going to have to really get out & get walking once the sun starts coming out more regularly and warming up. But until that time comes, I’ll be sitting at my desk, watching old classics on my iPad & waiting to feel any movement from baby…baby ONION I might add. Growing so fast!! Husband has been very anxious for baby to start hearing him so he can start telling him bedtime stories. So adorable!


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  1. Teri Butler

    Love the analogy of the performance of a tree honey, however I’m happy to see how well you are doing building my grandchild! Keep up the great work! Mom

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