Week 18 (movement or delusion)

They say that you should be able to start feeling the baby move between 16 and 20 weeks but that first time moms take a little longer since they aren’t quite sure what to feel for…

At 16 weeks, i started trying to feel for anything but couldn’t distinguish anything.
I would lay in bed or in the bathtub focusing really hard on my body in order to feel anything, but focused so hard that I would just pick up my heart beating underneath my hands.

The doctor reassured me at my last appointment that it’s normal for me to not feel anything but that it’s also not always a little flutter…that sometimes it can be more of a frequent discomfort type feeling. So I stopped waiting for the feeling of butterflies and started just responding to my stomach doing anything whack over and over again.

Sunday afternoon, Bryce was resting his head low on my lap so that I could rub my fingers through his hair. Maybe baby recognized daddy and wanted to say hello because I think I was feeling some movement. I would stop rubbing for a little and feel around…I’m pretty sure it was baby. I felt a weird tugging sensation on the lower left side of my stomach and then a slight movement from the left side to the center of my stomach. It happened about 2-3 times so I’ve chalked up that it could have been baby but I don’t want to just make something be there that’s not so I’m still not 100% positive.

This morning, even while writing this post I feel little bubble type flutters in my stomach too but it could also be because I’m hungry!

Should I start accepting movements or am I delusional? Lol. It’s one thing when I start feeling kicks and stretches, but these little movements could be anything so it’s so hard to distinguish. Anyone else have this problem?

Baby: about the size of a bell pepper and weighing about 7 ounces…5.5 inches in length.

Mommy: feeling amazing but having weird dreams still. My appetite is increasing and I want specific things each day! My weight is up to a total of 6lbs gained which makes me feel like a whale but doctor says it’s exactly where I need to be right now so I’m sucking it up.

Daddy: been super helpful and got a lot done this weekend with helping me clear out the guest room so we can start making it a nursery as well as reorganizing storage.



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