Week 19 (a bigger belly & tighter pants)

This week for me was slightly epic because it’s the first week where my belly is really starting to poke out! Usually I’m big in the evening and the small in the morning when I wake up. Now, however, it’s just big all the time. By big, I guess it’s not that large yet (knock on wood) but it’s noticeable. Only a couple pants still fit so if I want to wear my other pants I have to use the hair-tie trick to get them buttoned 🙂

Friday was Valentines Day so Bryce took me out to dinner at an awesome restaurant in downtown Boise called ‘Solid’. We ate amazing food and laughed a lot! Then. He took me to a hockey game and it was so much fun! There were like 3 great fights. I was the ONLY one in a dress in all of downtown. Granted, it was raining but it wasn’t that cold…and it was date night so I wanted to look hott. I wore a tight fitted red dress with heels and belted it above my belly so that people might tell that I’m pregnant and not just pooching..lol. It was so cute to me because I felt as though my belly is finally at that point, but not everyone thinks so as pointed out by the woman in Costco…
We stopped at Costco to grab some hotdogs (my recent craving) and it was packed do we were elbow-to-elbow with strangers. The lady next to me was so sweet and we got on the topic where I told her I was pregnant and she was like “no you are not…I have table legs bigger than you”….ha ha. Guess my belly isn’t that far out there just yet afterall.

Still haven’t felt the baby move around and it’s getting frustrating! I keep trying and trying to feel something but it’s just not that noticeable movement that everybody talks about. I get pinching feelings mainly on my right side sometimes but probably just growing pains.
I continue to oil up my body with cocoa butter because I am trying to avoid stretch marks if at all possible.

I started prenatal yoga last Monday. In my jobs office complex there is a building that offers it on Mondays so I have started that. It’s nothing like lifting weights, but it’s a great way to stretch, stay limber, and prepare body for labor I’ve heard. It’s a workout to me since I’m practically stationary all day long and makes me feel super liberated when I’m done and puts me in the mood to continue exercising by the end of it! I wish it was at least twice a week 🙂

Though I’ve been having hot dog cravings, I’ve been keeping my foods at work healthier like potato salad, salad, carrots, apples & peanut butter. I have frozen lunches for when I need some more substance but I ray to make the easy things to grab healthy things.

Will take a belly photo this weekend after we know the gender! We find out on Wednesday, but don’t really find out until this weekend. This is what we are going to do: we are going to have the tech seal up the gender ultrasounds in an envelope and then take that envelope to the bakery on Friday explaining to them that the envelope contains the gender. We will have the baker out blue or pink filling inside our cake that we will pick up the next day without telling us what it is. We will have family over Saturday evening for dinner and then cut the cake. That way, we all find out at the same time!!! It was suggested to us by my aunt because my cousin Weston and his wife did it that way!! Super cute…but it’s going to kill me to not know while I’m at the doctors this Wednesday.


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