Week 20 (gender & we are not in control)

We finally had our 20 week, gender-reveal ultrasound appointment. I couldn’t contain my excitement when the tech was showing us our little baby. Ultimately I wanted to see everything to make sure that baby was healthy and proportional and growing successfully, but this appointment was all about peeking at baby’s pieces…or lack there of.

Going into this pregnancy, my husband and I have been trying to use legends of gender-choosing techniques to get ourselves a boy so we were just waiting to see the little parts…

Finally, the tech made her way down to the booty and said “three little lines…know what that means?”

“Two balls and a wiener”

“Nope…it’s a GIRL!!”

My jaw hit the floor (or so I imagine it did as in cartoons like a giant Acme weight). I didn’t even want to look at Bryce in fear that he may be disappointed or going into cardiac arrest.

We made her check a few times and, sure enough…it was a hamburger every time…no dangly parts to be found.

Once the reality of it starting setting in…this took at least a whole day by the way…we started thinking of names. we had a couple we liked from discussing it in the past, but the reality of it really made us hit the drawing bored again. Throughout our work day, both of is had been looking up ideas. Going over our list, we had both written down
We would throw ideas back and forth to each other from there but for some reason, our #1 was still Hattie Mae.

It stuck like glue and I am pretty certain we won’t be changing our minds on her name!!

Preparing for the gender-reveal dinner was like spring cleaning on crack! We hang deep cleaned our home most of the winter so getting in all the corners was a gross and eye opening adventure…and I hate base-boards. ha.

Wishing all my family was closer, we had parents and my grandparents, a sister and a brother there. Skype kept freezing on us which made it pointless and awful to attempt to reach my dad and brother. I could have died that they weren’t in on the live reveal, but we intently sent the following video:


You’ll have to excuse the fact that I look awful. It had been a long day and my hair was no longer cute by that point in the evening. You can hear a glimpse of just how loud my family is. Ha ha. I love them.

Sitting around after cake, we were talking about how much Bryce and I were trying for a boy and convinced that we had it in the bag, but having this precious little girl is God way of saying “yeah…I’m the one in control here, not you 🙂 “

-“many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of The Lord that will stand”- Proverbs 19:21 ESV


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