Week 20 (the belly & the stretchy pants)

I received some hand-me-down maternity pants from a girl at work who swore she never needed them again…ever! Ha ha. I took them home with me and wanted to try them on…you know, just to see how they would look. The style was cute and they were soooo comfortable! Dangit! Why did they have to be comfortable? Now my normal pants just don’t do my belly justice like the stretchy pants do. It’s like denim yoga pants.

Bryce came home and was very excited since he’s been waiting to rub this in my face since I got pregnant. Granted, I don’t NEED them yet which I’m thankful for. I still have a few pairs of pants in my closet that fit me just fine still and I’m going to wear them as long as I can. However, knowing that the stretchy pants are all they’re cracked up to be, I won’t be a cry-baby when the day comes where I will have to rely on them.

Here is my Week 20 (and day 4) photo which can also be found in my Belly Pictures tab:



I swear that, the DAY I turned 20 weeks, the stomach grew instantly. I remember waking up and feeling my stomach thinking “holy cow…I’m usually a lot more deflated than this in the morning” and it stayed there. Ha. She has grown so much since the last tummy picture and so much just from week 19 for that matter. Since she now measure from head to toe instead of head to rump, we’re getting some extra inches under our belts.

We’ve started getting supplies for the nursery. It was supposed to be “getting inspiration” as my husband says, but who can resist purchasing some inspirational pieces when you’re in town? I’m just saying… I have will power, but only so much (especially when shopping with my momma). I found almost everything I want at Cost Plus World Market. My mom was super generous and started us out with some gorgeous curtains that I cannot wait to hang & a giant basket for her stuffies.
I got a distressed turquoise clock that will be a subtle ticking noise in her nursery. We always had clocks growing up, so to me it’s a comforting sound. I’m sure she’ll let me know if she hates it, though. Ha

Hopefully this weekend, my mom will spare some time on Saturday while Bryce is snowmobiling to start painting the birch trees in the nursery. I have a couple craft projects that I will be working on too, so stay tuned for nursery updates & photos!! Yay!



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7 responses to “Week 20 (the belly & the stretchy pants)

  1. Jade Gregory

    Just have to say I LOVE that dress 🙂 And congrats by the way, half way there!

    • Thank you! I’ve had the dress forever…can’t even remember where I got it…here so. Y belly will be so big that I’ll have to put a censored sign at the hem for my pictures. Lol.

      • Jade Gregory

        Haha yeah, I know what you mean! Lol I randomly gained 50 pounds for some reason during my pregnancy when I was only suppose to gain 30 so I feel ya on the censored sign! 😛 You’re looking great though! 🙂

      • Oh golly! I feel like such a lardo already but as long as baby is healthy and I’m staying healthy..then it’s just a number right!? Lol. Thank you

      • Jade Gregory

        Haha you’re not! But yes that’s all that matters. You can always lose the weight in time. I’m still working on that, but it can be accomplished!

  2. Teri Butler

    And here all along I thought you hated the clocks growing up. I have already a pet name for my granddaughter “fire fly”, for if she should be anything like her mother or father she will have a very red bottom. heehee! I can’t wait to smooch on my little fire fly!!!

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