Week 21 (hot dogs & nightmares)

I slept horribly last night…horribly!! I usually sleep very well but last night I kept having terribly dreams of tornados.
According to dream meanings, it is a reference to current chaos in my less, stress over a situation that I cannot control, or reaching a crossroad…turmoil!
Things have been going awesome with my pregnancy aside from the shock in stomach growth, so it must be this other thing…my job!!
I have to admit that I have a good job with really understanding bosses and a great team of coworkers…but my current position at my job has been causing some stress. Its the opposite of most problems people have at their place of employment. Most people avoid a position where they’re super busy or needing to multitask, but that’s where I thrive. I have been in a position now where I spend most if the day babysitting the phone vs interacting with patients constantly like I was doing and it has been taking its toll on my patience and my self-worth in what I do for a living.

These feelings have to be what was causing those tornados.

So, that being said, I thought about it a lot today in what my options are to make a change…
I thought about where I could best apply myself and where I want to see myself and started doing some light research.

Side note: everyone should know that I’m a photographer and am passionate about photography but coup never make it a full time career because I’m too much of a planner. I would have anxiety basing my income on something that was consistent monthly.

I started researching nursing programs in my area. I already work for a doctor, I can utilize my downtime at work for homework, and be an RN in about 2 years! Student loans! Scary thought…try this “full time student, full time employee, new(ish by this point) mother, and still the woman of the home”…it’s going to be a lot to juggle. But I am a fast learner, I love school, I’m eager to learn, and I’m passionate about having a career paved for me!

Taking it seriously and realistically, it’s a course I would like to start in Fall 2015!

Next order of business…hot dogs! Ha ha! Yep…it was a random craving at first and now it’s an addiction…like I need counseling! Everyone knows that I’m always wanting a hot dog…all American too with mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, onions…I’m drooling as i type!

Its a little silly but so far I can’t seem to break the craving. I’m just glad that I’m not craving cupcakes or candy bars!! I would be an ever bigger lardo (remember that cellulite I was telling you about on my last post? Yeah…no go on the sweets for me!).

for the basics…I’m weighing in at about 125 (11lb weight gain) which I’m not thrilled about because my goal was to only gain 25lbs in all of this and Lord knows I’ll swell like a whale in the third trimester…it’s a scientific fact!
But I’ve been sticking to 3 meals a day, no snacking, staying hydrated, prenatal yoga, and walking on the elliptical every night…so at least in doing my part to do right for my baby and my body…the rest is just a number I guess…a stupid fat number!


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