Week 22 (weekly photo & bigger kicks)

More details about my body and baby’s growth can be found in the Belly Shots tab, but here is my weekly tummy pic:


You can definitely tell the growth even within the last 2 weeks by looking at my photo transition. Baby girl has really made an appearance on my body. I went from having just a little bump that was barely visible under my everyday clothes to the cashier at Wal*Mart looking at me and saying “oh honey, how are you feeling?” Ha ha. Bryce looked at me after that happened this weekend and said “did you tell you were pregnant?” I laughed and said “No…I guess there’s no more guessing. I’d rather people be pretty positive that I’m pregnant than to think I’m just a chubby lady. Ha”.

I don’t mind the belly, though. It’s pretty fun having her sticking out all day instead of just after a heavy meal. I like her :


This morning, shortly after Bryce left for work, Hattie was trying to find an exit from my tummy I think. It was like she was saying “daddy, come back!” I think she’s going to be a daytime sleeper and an up-all-nighter. Greeeeat!! Lol.

I felt some pretty big kicks, though. Usually, when she rolls around, it just feels like when your tummy grumbles in hunger pains or fart preparations. Ha ha…only WAY stronger. But this morning, I was able to rest my hand on my belly and feel some bumps and jolts. Maybe it’s because I can feel it on the inside that I think I could feel it on the outside, but I was really wishing Bryce was there to try to feel. He likes resting his head on my tummy while trying to feel so he might hear her. If he had done that this morning, I think he would have had a full amniotic symphony 🙂


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