Week 22 (nutrition & the best nightmare)

I mentioned previously my light-headedness recently as a result of low blood pressure or what-not. I’ve been keeping track of my blood pressure and glucose levels to make sure that baby and I are staying as healthy as possible these days.

Both numbers have been kind of low, so I started taking “Vitron-C” which is an iron supplement with Vitamin C which helps the body absorb the iron better. I just take 1 tab daily because I don’t want to run the risk of overdosing on iron which can be super dangerous.

In addition to these supplements, I’ve had to take the suggestion of the OB/GYN office’s nurse who told me to make some changes to the things I’m eating. I need to eat more protein in order to keep those numbers up where I want them.

For breakfast now, I’m eating an egg & cheese burrito.
For snacks, I’m eating yogurt and cheeses.
In the afternoons, I’m going to be supplementing protein with a shake:

The Protein Creamsicle:
2 scoops Vanilla Whey Protein
2 cups Orange Juice

Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds in a blender bottle.


Making sure to consume healthier foods/drinks while staying active is more important than ever now that I’m caring for someone who can’t care for themselves.

With the weather getting beautiful, I have really enjoyed going on walks around the neighborhood when I get home from work. I plug in my earbuds and listen to some classical guitar while sipping on mandarine or lemon water.


“The best nightmare ever” might sound like the weirdest thing, but let me explain.

Last night, I awoke suddenly from a horrible dream. I rolled over to grab my water bottle and calm down. I could feel my heart beating super fast, so I rested my hands on my chest & belly to try & calm down. Then I felt it…our little girl kicked back at my hand so hard & then I felt her bum or head roll right underneath my palm.

I didn’t know how long she would be rolling around for, so I woke Bryce up right away. I felt so bad because he jolted up kind of startled. I told him to try to feel her. It only took a few seconds before he said “oh yeah…that’s so cool babe”, gave me a kiss, and went back to sleep. Ha ha. I had to make sure later this morning that he wasn’t dreaming. He remembered it but I don’t blame him for not being too ecstatic…he was PASSED OUT!! Poor guy!

I really hope that she started making more noticeable movements like that more often. It will be fun for my family to get to start feeling her; I know they’re anxious.

So far, though, she’s most active super dooper early in the mornings between 2:00am and 5:00am. Silly girl.

So, in light of the horrible dream, I’m so glad that I woke up…because it meant that I got to feel our baby really well.


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