Week 23 (spring dishes & spring cleaning)

My sweet husband is working out of town this whole week…so what is a girl to do with so much down time?? Go shopping! Ha ha…but I will refrain I promise.

Yesterday, while lounging on the couch watching the wind tear up the dead branches on our tree, I exhaled heavily & thought about spring and what I wish I WAS doing outside. On this train of spring-time thoughts, I decided…why not do some spring cleaning?
Instead of the typical floor-to-ceiling type of cleaning, however, I decided to focus on one thing in the house that I really wanted to tackle and have been putting off forever….the closet!

Our master bedroom closet gives me such anxiety. It’s simply not big enough for all of our stuff. My husband has more clothes than I do because of all of his hobbies. It’s overflowing with stuff that’s packed in drawers, falling off the shelves, and a tripping zone…first world problems, I know!

I mentally mapped out what I would need to do & the order in which I needed to demolish everything. Within 30 minutes, all the drawers were empty, all the shoes & clothes were on top my bed & floor, belts, hats, socks, everything…was everywhere!

I was so delighted just to have a fresh start. But that wasn’t good enough, so I rearranged the dressers, I reorganized the shoes (they’re now on display on our built-in shelves to shine their glory to all who may enter), I hung up all shirts & then folded all pants, trousers, slacks, leggings, dresses, & skirts. Everything was really starting to come together.

Before I knew it…it was 7:00pm! Holy moly! That really helped time go by fast! I needed to feed the dogs and get going on food for myself.


In the spirit of so-fresh and so-clean, I decided to make one of my favorite, light dishes: Zucchini Pasta.

Here’s the how-to’s and the what-nots:




1/2 box penne pasta
2 medium sized zucchinis
Vegetable oil
Ricotta cheese
1/3 cup milk
2 Tbsp butter
Parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper
Garlic powder
Chili powder


-Bring a large skillet to medium heat with vegetable oil.
-Slice the zucchini into half-moons and place in the skillet with oil.
-Season the zucchini with the salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and chili powder.
-Add pasta to boiling water & cook on stove until tender
-Once the pasta is done, strain water & add milk & butter
-Stir in ricotta cheese until it’s all creamy together
-Add the charred zucchini to the pasta until well combined
-Serve & top with parmesan cheese (shredded)

I made enough for dinner & then leftovers for lunch. I love the ooey goo from the cheese mixed with the fresh crispness of the zucchini. The chili powder gives it a kick. I always just add however much I’m in the mood for. Sometimes it’s a few sprinkles & sometimes it’s a whole bunch!

It’s quick & it’s easy and it puts you in the mood for your veggies!


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