Week 24 (new belly shot & new symptoms)

I have all the details on my week 24 status in my “Belly Shots” tab, so you’ll have to see all the drastic changes going on. I’m regretting keeping track of my weight gain on days like today, but I’m just trying to drink water instead of junk and eating plenty of veggies instead of sugars, so I guess if that’s in order…I shouldn’t be in too much trouble!

Here is my week 24 belly shot:

24 weeks

Yeah; there’s no hiding the baby belly now. I’m in full bloom. Ha. It’s pretty exciting having my belly actually. Though I’d like to picture myself really tiny with just a little pooch, it’s nice getting to look down and see her getting bigger. As long as we’re both healthy, it’s all part of the process & I should stop fretting over what the scale says.


I had heartburn and acid reflux earlier in the week. Oh it was awful! Let me just tell you. Everyone said that it was a sign that she was going to have lots of hair. Instantly I thought “that’s not like I was”…and maybe she won’t afterall because it was just ONE day!! Whew! Dodged a bullet on that one. It was NOT FUN AT ALL and I’m super fortunate that it only lasted one day.

Narrowing down the cause, I came to discover that it was probably from that zucchini dish I shared with you earlier in the week. I had loaded it up with chili powder to give it a real nice kick; more than usual; and I think that triggered those undesirable symptoms.

I’m so glad it went away and I don’t know how other preggers handle it long term! What I found really helped, though, was Papaya Enzymes (you can get them over the counter at any drug store) and chewing gum. They say that the excess mucous that your mouth produces while chewing gum helps coat the esophagus and make the acid reflux less intense. It really helped!

Well I’ll be in touch this week with more updates. Trying out some brand new recipes that I cannot wait to share and she will be growing like a daisy, so stay posted & thanks as always for reading out updates!



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