Week 24 (chicken tacos for the soul)

It’s pretty typical for me to have food on the brain most of the time even when I wasn’t pregnant, but since it’s still an hour before lunchtime, it’s on my mind right now pretty bad which got me salivating over a dish we made this week.

I had another chicken dish in mind for Monday night’s dinner when I got a call from my husband who was craving chicken tacos. Since I’m not suffering from any specific cravings right now, it’s only natural that my husband would make up the slack in that department, right!? Ha.

I had never made chicken tacos before which is bizarre because I like to eat them when we go out! For some reason, at home, we’ve always stuck to the good ole ground beef.

It didn’t sound too hard, but I still waited until he got home to help take over on this dish in case he had something else in mind than I did…that usually equals huge disappointment.

So here’s the rundown:


CHICKEN TACOS (wraps, actually).


Yields 4 large wraps

2 large chicken breasts
Taco seasoning

Optional Inners:
Sour cream

Honey BBQ Sauce:
Honey BBQ
(pretty genius, I know)

Honey Mustard Sauce:


Cut chicken into small chunks & place in skillet
Cook chicken over medium heat until there’s no more pink
Warm up flour tortillas in microwave
Stuff & shovel full of inners, chicken & sauce of choice
Om nom away

Honestly the easiest dish ever.

We had our wraps all beautifully in front of us. He used the honey bbq sauce and I opted for honey mustard. In comparison, mine tasted like a Snack Wrap from McDonalds and his tasted like the buffalo ranch wrap from Buffalo Wild Wings.

We each took a large bite & then looked at each other in this orgasmic motion. No words…just noises. Ha ha.

So easy & so delicous…this has officially been added to the menu options. We will be having these again VERY soon.


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