Week 25 (a kick to the ribs & baby trees)

This week hasn’t been too eventful (which should be apparent in my lack of updates; sorry). Just been trucking along for the most part. I’m happy that I haven’t gained any extra weight this week, though I feel like I’ve gained probably 100lbs by the way my body has started to react to my breathing. Let me explain…I can’t breathe! Ha. I have to take long, deep inhales; especially after eating. I feel like such a chubb-o when doing this and I don’t know why, but my capability to just breathe normal has flown out the window.
If I don’t think about it, I think I’m breathing normally, but I feel short of breath a lot quicker and, like I said, after eating meals, I usually have to sprawl out to allow my tummy to stretch & end up breathing super heavily to feel like I’m full of the air I need.

I was sitting at my desk at work this week (Wednesday) when I felt a giant jab in my right rib. I placed my hand over the brutally punctured location just in time to feel baby rolling around and give a giant kick once again to my rib. Ha ha. Thanks a lot kid!
My coworker, Erin, got to feel her during this new kicking location. That’s the first person outside of me & Bryce that has felt her.
My mom is definitely looking forward to feeling some lumps and kicks, but hasn’t been around yet while she’s been super active. She will be over this weekend to paint the nursery (yay), so maybe at that time, she’ll feel a few movements.


I have baby trees! I’m so excited about this. Upon deciding to buy the house we’ve been renting, I knew that I could finally be comfortable with putting money into it. We have 1 shade tree in our backyard and 1 tree in our front yard that’s the typical one they give you in a subdivision home…no shade…hardly any branches…just a sticky, twiggy thing. So, I started searching for trees/shrubs that would grow in our zone (7).

I found that, if you donate $10 to the National Arbor Day Foundation, they send you 10 baby trees as a thank you. I went to look for more that they offered on their sight for sale and have found them to be extremely affordable, so I ordered a couple more.

I cannot wait to start planting my baby trees once it stops raining so that we can watch them grow with our little girl.
The one that grows the fastest, I’m going to put in our front yard; in front of baby’s nursery window so she can watch HER tree grow 🙂


Haven’t tried any new recipes lately since the last few have been a total bust; so nothing to update in the food department. Sorry!

Have been trying to watch what I eat a little closer these days as I’m approaching my #3 trimester and don’t wanna swell like a balloon. Ha. However…I have found my long lost love of ice cream sandwiches. I was sitting on the couch one day, looked over at my husband, and said “can you please eat an ice cream sandwich so I can just watch?” Ha ha…that was my lowest fat-person moment. He was kind enough to split one with me so I didn’t feel as guilty 🙂


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