Week 26 (gaining weight & lifting weights)

Let me just start off with the completely honest statement of “I hate working out“. It’s true. I’ve never stuck with a fitness routine long enough to fall in love with it. I think my BIGGEST hinderance in fitness are the following factors:

1. I haven’t found a routine that’s fun
2. I don’t have a workout partner to help keep me motivated
3. I don’t think I’m doing it right
4. I fear the ‘gym-timidation’
5. I quit when I don’t see immediate results

There’s so many people that say, once you get into the routine of working out, it becomes an addiction. I can totally see that happening, but the beginning of it is just so dreadful.
The hindering factors can all be fixed, but admitting your problems is the first step, right!?

I still don’t have a workout partner, so that may quickly become an issue, but as for the others….

1. “I haven’t found a workout that’s fun”:
I have a hard time with repitition…I hate doing the same thing over & over and I usually find a workout online that was tailored to someone else & it bores me.
However, in pregnancy, when you’re more limited to what you can do anyway, I was able to find some very general but awesome circuits to go off of. I think it will be fun because it’s realistic! It’s not 2 hours of sweating blood…it’s 45 minutes of very reasonable, slow & easy workouts. I can do that!

2. “I don’t have a workout partner to help keep me motivated”:
So this is still true. Between where I live & my work schedule, I don’t have anyone to go with me to help keep me occupied, keep me motivated, or help push me. However…I haven’t been liking some parts of my changing body & I hate looking in the mirror and not having my full confidence. I’m blessed with a very honest husband who will tell me when my butt is sliding into my thighs or my legs are starting to dimple…that in itself is motivation enough! Plus…summer is coming up & I want to be able to rock my belly in a bikini, so I need to get on it!

3. “I don’t think I’m doing it right”:
Since the gym is foreign to me, I usually stand there for about 10 minutes thinking “what does this do? Should I ask someone? Should I wing it?” and then someone comes up behind me wanting to use the contraption, so I step away. Ha. Having a fitness routine (ahem…with pictures) helps me know exactly what machines to use instead of hopping from machine to machine trying to see what they do and if it’s what I wanted.

4. “I fear the gym-timidation”:
The intimidation of all the ‘already-fit’ members of the gym can be super daunting for someone like me. Not only being pregnant & having a limited range of workouts, I’m that person that will be lifting the 5lb dumbbells. I hate the feeling that someone is looking over at me thinking “why are you even here if you’re not even going to try harder?” or “she’s not running fast enough or sweating enough for me to take her seriously in the gym”. Eeek…it’s like high school bullies in the gym. Ha ha. It’s all in my head, though. I’ve honestly never been approached by someone who treated me like that or looked at me like that. I literally think it’s just a fear and I need to build a bridge & get over it. Ha

5. “I quit when I don’t see immediate results”:
I know this is so stupid, but it’s true. I like seeing the results from working out and, if I can’t see it within the first few days, I get bummed out & quit. It’s a notorious trait. I know this about myself. We had the elliptical at our house for a couple of months. I stopped walking on it within 2 weeks when I didn’t feel like my legs were looking any better. I felt as though I needed someone else or something more because it’s so pointless to do something so boring if it’s not even working.
I know that fitness is all about moderation, perserverance, and patience..but I’m horrible at those things. Ha. Here’s to hoping that I can stick it out & I will see the results I’m looking for in a quick manner šŸ™‚

Thanks to “Flavilicious Fiitness“, here are my 3 workout circuits:




Her site offers way ore workouts depending on what trimester you’re in as well as videos!!


So far I have gained 18lbs. At 26 weeks, I’m within my normal range, but on the higher end of the range. My goal was to only gain 25, but the range for my body height & pre-pregnancy weight was 25-35. Even though I’m still within normal range, I was really hoping that I would be closer to the “only gaining 25lbs” than the “35lbs” by the end of it.

I’m really doing my best to eat normally…small snacks when I’m feeling hungry & not over-eating. I’m totally against the phrase of “eating for two” because it’s so not true. You really only need 200 more calories/day when you’re pregnant to maintain a healthy diet, so that is absolutely not eating for two.

It’s hard watching my body get bigger since I’ve always been pretty slender, but it is what it is and I don’t look super bloated which is nice. For the most part, I’ve just gained the weight in my belly, but I have noticed the changes it’s making on my butt and thighs second!!! My butt has gotten bigger as my hips are widening and my legs are dimpling. Since I didn’t work out prior to getting pregnant and I have a super sedentary job, it was only a matter of time before it attacked my legs. Ugh…not pleasant at all!

So with the yuckiness that I feel in the number 18 right now, I have to remind myself that it’s normal and it’s not forever! It will be my biggest motivation to tone up before baby gets here so that I’m already in a good habit when it’s time to tighten back up after her birth.

Here we go…



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2 responses to “Week 26 (gaining weight & lifting weights)

  1. Stephanie

    It’s also been very hard for me to watch my body put on weight as my pregnancy progresses. I am way into fitness so that first trimester when I could barely move was awful. The second trimester has allowed me to work out again but it’s sad because I lost a lot of muscle and put on weight. I feel so good when I can just get a little workout in. I’m glad to hear your working out. It leads to such a better pregnancy and post pregnancy. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you! I think I’ll learn to love the gym and I’ll thank myself later for sticking it out. I refuse to let my body go and blame it on motherhood!! I want to be a mom that’s in shape and not a couch parent šŸ™‚ healthy living for a healthy example šŸ˜‰

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