Week 27 (the home stretch & new symptoms)

Yay! In finally in my third trimester! I feel in a way that I’ve been pregnant forever and that this baby will never get here. In the same breath, I feel like I just found out a couple months ago that we were expecting. How does that work?

I’ll tell you what though…I am still not a fan of weight gain and can’t wait to get back to the body I had before baby. I don’t mind my belly; preggo belly is cute, but my legs are the ones suffering the consequences and I will never get used to seeing high numbers on the scale.

As if a lightbulb went off, I hit week 27 and gained fatigue again. That’s the worst thing about the first trimester and I hate that it has returned. I was on such a high in the second trimester and had so much energy. When I get on a roll, I can keep up my energy, but I find myself snoozing off a lot easier. It doesn’t help that the office at work is so slow in the afternoons, but still…I like to think I kick butt at this pregnancy thing until something like fatigue sets in.

I promise to post a week 27 photo soon. I’ve been slacking at the actual belly shots (though I’ve been trying to take cell phone photos regularly at least). It can be such a hassle to set up the self timer and squeeze into that blue dress. Lol. Its becoming the least flattering thing I own. Ha ha.

Had to take my glucose test today…I’m actually writing this post in the doctors office since I have such a wait. I chose the orange flavor. I was expecting the worst which made it tolerable. It was like a stale, syrup-y, high sugar Gatorade. I chugged it fairly quickly to get it over with. The worst part was having a tummy full of sugar liquid when I really want some breakfast!! Not appetizing!

Been going to the gun regularly. I go Monday thru Friday and the weekends are mine. Lol. I had a thorough arm workout at home last night planting hedges in our rocky dirt! That about did me in. It took away the relaxation from gardening and turned it into a total chore! Was so bummed because I have like 10 trees I wanna plant in our backyard that I’m second guessing.

Well I will get that photo up tonight!! Seriously! Needs to happen!

Thanks for reading. Hope your pregnancy is going as kick ass as mine!



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