Week 29 (out goes the belly button)

“It looks like an olive” is the first thing Bryce said when he laughed at my belly button poking out for the first time; followed by “but it’s so soft”. Ha.

I look down at my tummy sometimes and mistake my belly piercing hole for my belly button & the protrusion to be a tumor of some sort. I’m not used to seeing it sticking out the way it is as of recent, but I guess she’s just running out of room in there and needing to push things out of her way like my belly button….and my lungs!!


Yep…labored breathing is happening! i can still breath pretty normal throughout the day, but there are occasions where I feel as though I need an inhaler or oxygen to keep me alive! It must just be her position or the way that I’m sitting/laying down, but I want to just strip off all my clothes and sprawl in front of blowing air to make sure I don’t die! Ha.
Okay, so that’s a little dramatic, but still…I’ve been so tempted to rip my bra off at work and then remember that I don’t have the supporting tatas to look appropriate without one. Ha.


So much has been going on in life the past few weeks since I’ve posted. Lets see:

-Phlebotomy Classes: I’ve been taking some night classes to be a certified Plebotomist. It will give me more responsibilities at work and hopefully get me a little busier since I hate being slow/stagnant in the office.

-Weddings: Our friends Jason & Melissa finally tied the knot on 04/26/2014 in Lewiston, ID. We drove up for that which led to horrific back pain from the car ride. It was hard to not join in alcoholic jubilation, but I busted some moves on the dance floor nevertheless.

-Nursery Updates: we’ve been slowing making more progress on the nursery (and you can see all the details in the nursery section as well). My mom was over-generous when we went shopping a couple weeks back for baby shower decor (things I could also use in the nursery/bathroom) and we filled up the room with so many cute things! So many!
We also inherited some amazing hand-me-downs from Bryce’s friend, Jim Williams and his wife (thank you!). They gave us an old car seat (Bryce wanted his own for his truck), a swing, and a bouncer! We’re officially running out of room in the nursery which means Bryce will have to make more corner space in his hunting room (lo siento babe).


New Ride?: It’s official that we’re going to be trading in the 2005 Jeep Wrangler X for a more appropriate vehicle for me. It has been a really fun rig to have around, but just not practical to our needs as my means of transportation and our primary vehice. We need more space, a trunk, 4 doors, and better gas mileage (which the Jeep had none of those). The swap hasn’t happened YET, but I’ve already done all my research and I’m ready to sign papers on a 2013 Ford Escape once we get the Jeep all pretty for trade. I’ll be posting pictures once it’s in our driveway & will have to load it up with baby stuff to test out it’s “let-room” 🙂


I’ve uploaded a new belly picture with all the most recent details of my progress, but here is a picture for this entry:


I’m up 19lbs now and weighing the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. It’s horrible stepping on the scale still and I will never get used to it, but if I’m on track according to my OB and baby girl is healthy as can be, then I’ll get over myself 🙂

I’m still working out, but have been slacking the last week due to night classes & being out of town for that wedding. I’ll get back on track, but I see it being more sparse than usual due to other priorities.


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  1. Teri Butler

    My adorable baby girls!!!

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