Week 30 (new addition = new wheels)

We have thrown around the idea of getting into a different vehicle ever since I found out we were expecting.

Let me explain…

Not that we need the added burden of financing a new rig, but we have a Harley (nope, not allowed on that during pregnancy and won’t accommodate a car seat), an F250 (great on space, terrible on diesel), and a Jeep Wrangler X….(yep…2 doors, no trunk, and no room for baby).

At week 30 of this pregnancy, we broke down and did it. We traded in the jeep for a new set of wheels that will give us a more economical vehicle option, a ride with more space for baby, and something I don’t need a forklift to get into.

Everyone meet the new addition (ahem…yet to be named):


Ain’t she a beaut?? A 2011 Kia Sportage. Used, but new to us and only 30k miles. A total steal with fully loaded features like Bluetooth phone, navigation, Sirius radio, back up camera, voice command, and the necessities like 4 doors, a trunk, a backseat to fit the caraway, 22-28mpg, and white exterior to keep the cohesion between our vehicle colors 🙂

I’m stoked and super blessed! We work hard and diligently for the things that we have and have worked our way from the bottom to the top! It sure pays off acting like a grown up sometimes. Ha.

Now, talk of a new home is on the table. Something we didn’t think we would need for another 5 years or so is kind of sounding like something we wish we would have gotten 6-7 months ago.

Time to rid ourselves of some toys to build up a good number for down payment and search for something with more leg room for this growing family. Stay tuned….this family has big things happening this year!


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