Week 30 (who needs to breathe or sleep anyway?)

We have officially hit that point in my pregnancy where I have limited sleeping position options and have begun the urge to use an oxygen tank for my main source of O2.

I am up 22lbs in total at week 30, day 5. With about 9 more weeks to go, it’s not too bad, but it’s more than I had set as a goal for myself.

With baby growing just as fast as mommy, my stomach is running out of growth room. I feel as though she’s going to jab her way straight through my belly button for lack of square footage in there.
To make up for the negative space, however, she’s taking it upon herself to rearrange he furniture that was in there before her…like my lungs. In addition to relocated lungs, widening hips, and a labored chest, my ribs have begun to expand; making the chest pain even worse than usual. Now…add heartburn to that and I am a a full-blown embarrassment when needing to inhale deeply. Ha.

As far as sleeping, my heavy baby is now weighing down way more than before; making back sleeping officially a thing of the past. Now, I am dominantly a back sleeper so by being able to sleep on my back had caused for some miserable nights. I end up rotating sleeping on my sides like a rotisserie chicken.
I feel like baby girl gets used to me sleeping on one side that, when I roll over, she throws a fit about the change in position and will start to jab and roll around in an equal amount of discomfort.

Through all these new negatives, however, I am happy that I am still eight where I need to be as a healthy mommy and baby is right where she needs to be in her development as a healthy baby girl. As long as she takes it easy on mommy, we are all good still 🙂


Mothers Day is approaching and I have never had more respect for my mom than I do these days as a baby-making machine!

I dropped a straight hint to my hubby about the Mother’s Day gift that I have been hoping for these days:
A 3D Ultrasound

What better way to celebrate being a mommy (in the making) than to see our little baby in vivid beauty with a 3D ultrasound.
I feel I’m far enough along now that it would make for an excellent image as opposed to the alien features some babies still have too early on in the pregnancy.
I just cannot wait to see her sweet face, so this imaging in the meantime would help hold me over for the next 9 weeks or so.

Here are some belly shots that have happened recently for y’all to enjoy:




The wheelchair one maybe needs some explanation. Lol.
We were in Lewiston for our friends’ wedding on April 26th. I was waiting in the church foyer for everyone to get dressed in their lovely attire. I got tired of standing so say my happy booty in the nearest chair…just so happened to be a wheelchair. I was nomming on some jerky while the photographer snapped the photo op for he world to see (this the proof written across it). Ha.

The other is of hubby and I on the day of the wedding and the last one is my sweet mommy giving me a pedicure (a much needed pedicure).


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