Week 31 (first Mother’s Day & a baby shower)

Happy Mothers Day y’all!!!

I have to admit that, brewing my own little baby has given me a whole new appreciation for mommas. Waking up on Mother’s Day, I had mixed emotions about whether or not I could technically throw myself into that club or not. I feel like it’s celebrating being a high school graduate with 2 months left to go. Ha. However, the other side of me felt as though I was the epitome of Mother’s Day since I’m actually making a live human being as we speak. So i don’t know…regardless, it was a great day to reflect on mommy hood..:from my own experiences now on addition to some serious shout-outa to the moms in my life.

My mom went through so much hell when she was pregnant with me. I literally almost killed her. 5 months pregnant and 82lbs, the doctors told her she needed to decide whether to terminate her pregnancy and live or continue her pregnancy and die. My parents called family and prayed very hard for a very long time. I’m so blessed that my mother chose to give my life an opportunity & that God allowed is both to be here…knowing that we were going to be such great friends!

I love my sweet mommy!! She always has a warm welcome to her presence and has literally been my best friends as I have matured into a much less pain-in-the-ass daughter.



Speaking of my mommy, she threw me the sweetest baby shower!! Some people say it was too early, but I wanted to have some time to buy any in purchased necessities instead of only having a few weeks. You know?

We really made out like bandits for the most part. We were surrounded by loving family & friends and tons of baby gear!

My husband actually stuck around. I made sure he was paying attention by listening for the mandatory “Awwww”s and “thats so cute”s. Lol.

We were a little worried about space by having it in our house, but it worked out really well. My mom literally did everything! She purchased the decorations, mailed out the invitations (that she put together), brought the donut cake and other foods, got to my home early to set up, and even snuck in some everclear in her lemonade while at it. Ha.



Blessed! Simply blessed!

So, after the baby shower, we still needed some things and went out to get them over the weekend. We have almost everything now. We just need to stain the crib/changing table & get it in there so we can out everything where it belongs and then we are all ready for miss Hattie Mae!


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One response to “Week 31 (first Mother’s Day & a baby shower)

  1. Teri Butler

    My daughter and best friend…it is you who has taught and given me much! My children are the most wonderful blessings in my life and I am grateful as it continues with Hattie Mae! xoxo

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