Week 32 (growing & transverse??)

Well it’s week 32 and I’ve been really bad at posting these days. Sorry!!

My doctors visits are officially bi-weekly which makes this due-date seem that much closer. When they go weekly, I’m going to freak out (in a good way for the most part).

Right now, there’s a huge storm brewing outside. It’s so cool. We don’t really get scary storms in idaho that often…they’re more exciting than anything. Especially because it’s getting warmer, it’s the kind you can watch happen on your back porch. The sky is gray, the winds (and dogs) are howling, and sometimes it’ll rain. I’m good as long as the lights don’t go out because I’m out of D batteries for our flashlight. lol.


In the world of baby, she’s getting huge and running out of room. I don’t even have to ask her because she lets me know she’s getting cabin fever! She has been way more Sirius & abrasive with her pushing, rolling, kicking & stretching these days.

By this time (even earlier), she should be head-down and getting cozy there. I feel like stretching on the top of my tummy under my chest and in my pelvic region at the same time sometimes. It feels really weird. Ha ha

However…today, I felt her stretching in the fat right side of my tummy…and I mean my SIDE; towards my back. I looked up if that was normal because it seemed so out of place and I’m hoping she isn’t in a transverse position.

Transverse Position: this is when the baby is laying side to side in the tummy instead of up and down. If she’s in this position when I’m in labor, I’ll be forced to have a c-section.

I don’t feel her like this often and all I can do is guess since I can’t see her. I’m hoping it was just a wandering leg or something. Ha.


I’m fat & happy. Lol. I’m doing okay. I’m up 26lbs in total. Pre-preg weight was 114 and I’m now 140 which is such a fatty number, but I think I’ll be okay on my goal of 25-35lbs for the whole stretch!

Still no stretch marks and still no huge boobs (damn). I also didn’t get the fast-growing hair problem which is unfortunate.

I started slacking at the gym when I started those phlebotomy classes, but trying to get back in track now. I cut my cardio time in half doing 15 minutes instead of 30 & dropped my weights by 1/3 or so because I don’t wanna push it. I feel kinda lazy only going about 30 minutes in the gym now, but hey! It’s better than nothing!


Hattie is one lucky little girl with a daddy that lives her to the moon and back!! When he talks to my tummy, she starts kicking and he loves it 🙂

She also loves the waffles that he makes for me. Ha

He has been working out of town recently and we have both missed him & his back scratching at night. Our birthing class is on June 1st and I’m anxious to learn more & prepare ourselves for labor-day!!

Well…before we know it, I’ll be 33 weeks and I need to post a picture at that time.

For now, here’s a 32-week selfie:



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