Week 33 (the sneeze pee & office shower)

You read that correctly…

It was a windy afternoon. Around 6:30pm in Idaho. I was sitting on the couch, eating watermelon, watching tv, wearing a tank top and shorts. Out of nowhere, a giant sneeze came over me; the kind that are way more loud & vigorous than anticipated; when I felt an instant release of fluids leave my body. I sat there for a moment. One; to recover from the shake-you-like-an-earthquake-sneeze that caught me off guard and two; to consider the fact that I may have just peed.

“Omigosh! I peed!”

I sat there with my bowl of watermelon; ashamed, astonished, and self-loathing.

I waddled my way to the guest bathroom (because it was the closest), just grateful that I was home alone. I felt quite pathetic cleaning up after a mess I should have been able to control at this age in my life. I sat and thought “this is supposed to happen AFTER labor..what is wrong with me?”

If I had a tail to put between my legs, that would have been a moment to do so. I changed, grabbed my watermelon, and intermittently eye-balled my private area like “I’m watching you, you little punk!”


I’m happy to report that I have not unknowingly released any secretions or bowels since that moment! Here’s to hoping that week 34 (which is tomorrow by the way) will be under more control.

My job threw a baby shower today for myself and Allison (our Arkansas medical assistant who is also having a girl 4 weeks behind me). It was great fun! Got gift cards, clothes, diapers, the works. We chowed down Buffalo Wild Wings and tropicana. Yum!

I’m hoping with my small savings & a visa gift card I received from my boss, we can get a 3d ultrasound done, but idk that Bryce would find that a practical purchase since we will be seeing her in a few short weeks. It’s just awesome to have that technology and then later have a video to show of her little baby self in the womb!

We will see šŸ™‚


I had a dr appointment yesterday and everything is perfect! Seriously! I am almost 34 weeks, measuring between 33 & 34, weighing in at a total of +26lbs which means I’ll be within my 25-35lb total weight gain, 100/60 blood pressure, and signed up for classes. The dr was very proud of me which made me feel good šŸ˜‰

Baby girl has been moving around all the time. I can tell she’s running out of room because she she kicks, she is stretching out…the whole foot or elbow pushes as hard as it can against my skin. It’s fun but can be in the way when I’m trying to sleep. Lol.


My mom and I are gonna go out this week to do my maternity photos. I’m gonna get her set up and show her the look I’m trying to capture & have her take the picture.


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