Week 34 (maternity pictures)

Oh golly. Hard to believe that there’s only 3-5.5 more weeks to go until our little Hattie is here & in our arms!!

We are both so freaking anxious and excited. There’s that little bit of fear every-now-and-then that is typical amongst first timer parents I think; where you sit there like a petrified log thinking “what the eff do I do if she cries?” Or “am I doing this right?” Or “how do you know if she’s still breathing??? Guess I won’t sleep.” Ha. But other than that, it’s pretty notorious I that these babies don’t come with manuals, so you have to prepare yourself to the best of your ability & then kind of wing it.

We had our birthing class scheduled for today, but Bryce is still working out of town. It’s important to me that he attends, because when we are in the hospital and the nurses & doctors are talking about things, I want us both to know what they’re referencing. So we rescheduled to the 21st of June. I’ll be full term by then, so at least it will be fresh in our minds what we just learned by the time I go into labor. Ha.

It’s so hard being a photographer when the time comes to be the one who needs photos taken. I wanna just say “I’ll do it myself” but it’s not that simple. So I’ll do half of it myself! Ha.
I recruited my mom to be the picture taker! We went out, I showed her what I was after, and explained angles, lighting, and focus…then let her take the shots. I love that I’m able to do the editing process myself. I’m super particular & critical on images that I take & even more so on pictures of ME! So getting to go through the likes & dislikes and then making them look the way I want was so awesome!!

I think they turned out pretty good & wish Bryce was there for a few belly kisses, but he said it’s a girl thing & doesn’t really do the whole “photograph everything” thing. Ha.

Here they are:








I’m going to use these in my belly photos section as well to do a full update on my stats like the rest of them. Haven’t done that since week 29 (whoops).

Stay tuned…the best is yet to come.


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