Week 35 (daycare & taking care)

Update: I don’t know how this happened, but my due date is July 9, not July 11. If based on the first day of my last period (October 2), then baby’s due date changed by 2 days. No big deal, but makes my weekly updates change from Fridays to Wednesdays…so just FYI.


With less than 5 weeks to go, it’s time to buckle down on finding a daycare. We were gonna go with a friend, but decided to pay a little more to have Hattie in child care in the business complex next door to my job. I like the idea of her being super close to me so I can see her on lunch breaks & be readily available if something comes up!

We finalized that decision today actually, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see what my post-maternity break schedule at work is going to be.

It was going to be Monday-Thursday 7am-3pm which is awesome. However, I requested a position change so I’m not so underworked during the day which means that my schedule will be changing. I’ll still have a day off during the week and make probably 32-35hrs/week. I just don’t know the final details.


Taking care of me:

I’ve been getting to that point in my pregnancy where easy things are becoming a challenge.

It physically hurts to bend over, lift things, or just be doing something quasi-strenuous for a long period of time (laundry, dishes, cleaning house, etc.). I feel like such a la-la when I can’t do those daily tasks without feeling winded, but holy-moly it’s difficult at this stage.

I thought for sure that I was gonna get stuck in the tub the other day. I was trying to shave my legs but it hurt to bend over, so I sat down to do it (easier, but still hard) and then kind of laid there thinking “OMG…getting up from here is going to suck!!”
Thank heavens for the built in bar they put in tubs for your wash rags…I had to rely on that to pry my body up from the depths of the tub.


Baby is growing, growing, growing. She is still very active throughout the day, but on her own terms…very sporadic when she chooses to go on a rolling adventure in there.

I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and she is all stretched out. It’s super obvious that she moves the most when I lay on my side, so when I sleep on my side, she just goes to town.
Last night, I swear I could have just cradled her rump (assuming that’s what the large, round mass was protruding from my tummy).

Silly girl!


I’m still craving watermelon (I even have some for lunch today) and been having an increase in acid reflux the last few weeks. I find that chewing gum solves this discomfort like a magical cure!! Works amazing every time!


I installed the Ingenuity Pack ‘n’ Play last night.


It totally took everything out of me to try to figure this thing out at first (can anyone say “first time mom?”) and, when I finally got it all put together including the changing section & sleeper section, I discovered that it wasn’t designed to fit through a bedroom door.

*heavy sigh*

Trying not to take apart the whole thing, I collapse the legs and find that it still doesn’t fit with the changing & sleep station on the top, so tried going at a different angle…budged it in there but then had a pile of dilapidated play center. I looked like a total idiot trying to push down the middle while supporting the sides with my legs & holding my breath to bend over. Ha ha.

I got it & then literally laid on the bed like “I’m done! Totally done!”


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