Week 36 (weekly visits & dropping)

We have officially made it to that point where I’m visiting the doctor on a weekly basis. This Wednesday, we will checking to see if I have dilated at all. That should be exciting!
Doc says we should plan for baby on July 6th to accommodate his schedule. Ha ha. I told him 4th of July would be better 😉

I was told by a coworker that, if I request my membrane to be stripped, it should help speed up labor. She did it with her last two kids and they were here within a couple days following. So, if I have him strip my membrane on my July 2 appointment, then maybe we will have a Fourth of July babe!! That would be awesome!!

Stripping the membranes: separating the amniotic sac from the wall of the uterus. It releases the hormones that can trigger contractions. Can be uncomfortable and doesn’t always work.

My visits to the hospital have all been positive recently and I’m hoping that all goes well when we are there for the real thing!!


We took our first class offered through the hospital on Saturday. It was a “parenting” class. Some of the stuff was common knowledge and both Bryce and I have experience changing diapers, so parts of it weren’t news to us, but we did learn some interesting things and take away some good advice.

It was good to hear safety to prevent SIDS, tips on when to do tummy time (and how), when to introduce foods, how to encourage motor skills, etc.


I think Hattie has dropped. I have a fairly short torso, so I don’t think it would be super obvious, but we have both noticed my tummy looking a little different.

I’ve had a couple of people in my office tell me that they think she has dropped as well. It’s about that time, so I’m going with it.

I did confirm that she is head-down at my last appointment, so dropping would be the next important stage.

With only 3 weeks to go (and some off days), she better!! Ha ha.


Look at how lopsided she was laying in my tummy yesterday:


Ha ha. Ridiculous. She usually favors the left side, but last night, she was hanging out on the right and it was extremely apparent. Ha.



-Bryce and I put an offer in on a new home. It was accepted and we are going through that closing process right now where all the good, bad, & the ugly can come out during inspections and appraisals, etc. if everything goes smoothly, though, we should be moving about a week after Hattie’s due date. Omg I know!!!!


-Bryce has received a raise at work and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He has worked from the ground up with this company he is employed with & has really proven himself to the upper management there. For only being 26 (almost 27), he is the youngest one there to advance and it makes me so happy for his hard work to be paying off!!

-the new car is running great and fitting into the family nicely. I’m so glad we upgraded to a more spacious vehicle for all the things we will need to put in there.

-my hospital bad is all ready to go!! I’ll post pics on what’s in my bag later this week along with the much-requested belly picture!!


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