Week 37 (child-birthing/Lamaze class)

Okay, so not too much has happened since my last post that was completely pivotable. However…we had our Lamaze class.

The hospital called it child birthing class. I’m assuming it’s because it covers more than relaxation techniques…it really informs you of what to expect when you’re about to give birth!

I think I know a lot because I’m always researching pregnancy so that I’m not going into it naive or scared. This class topped off a lot of questions that I had though and it was great…it was just long (9am-5pm on a Saturday…a Saturday!).

The most informative part of the class was the stages of labor. Timing my contractions to determine early labor, active labor, transition, and then pushing/birth. It’s good to know when I need to head to the hospital so that I don’t get sent home for coming in too early. I just hope that I’ll be able to determine that without making a poor decision or a late decision.

I thought we had our birth plan finalized and our hospital bag ready to go, but I was schooled. There were a few things we needed to add to our preferences for our birth experience as well as think about the things that wouldn’t be detrimental to us if it wasn’t able to happen.

We learned some ways that partners can help relieve the pain & stress with contractions through massage, movement, affirmations, and even some weird tug of war with my butt and a sheet. Lol. Let me just show you:

Got it?? Mmkay, not let me explain. The partner places this sheet (rebozo) under my belly & around my hips. He ties it off and squeezes tight to help open my pelvic bones to allow for an easier pathway for baby to exit. Sounds like it makes a lot of sense, but my husband being my husband, just took the opportunity to fondle my booty while I vulnerably lean over a table. Ha ha. It actually felt good to have the pressure on my hips as if I could tell it would help, but I couldn’t take it seriously with my joker of a partner poking my butt the whole time.
Even the massaging was a little weird. I like the normal v-shaped back rubbing & loved the use of tennis balls. However…I don’t think it’s necessary to be levitating on a yoga ball while he rubs my fave or have my face in his lab while he rhythmically moves up and down my spine or does raindrop fingers on my spine. Lol.
One of the ones I loved was hard to be serious on:

It’s so comfortable to lean on the ball and have my belly just kind of dangle while he rubs my back. But again…I’d get the casual reminder that this position was very similar to one that gets people pregnant by getting an occasional hip thrust. Ha ha. We weren’t the only ones giggling in these positions just so you know!! Ha.

Speaking of not taking it seriously…let me just tell you how creative people have gotten with birthing positions!! Oh my goodness!!! It’s borderline ridiculous. Out of about 15 options, I felt pretty casual with…..2!
How comfortable does it sound to you to give birth in one of these positions:
-standing (standing!! Who does that??)
-squatting (like just squatting in the woods to take a pee…no big deal, right?….no)
-all fours (I’ve seen this on birthing shows before but honestly…it seems slightly primitive)
-laying on your side (this requires you to hold up your own leg like a dog peeing on a hydrant but sideways)
-dangling (yep…dangling from your husbands arms while squatting out a baby…how amazon)

Okay now…to just cover my bases here…I don’t mean to hate on those options if that works for you. For ME though…it was not happening!! It was just awkward. I’m good with the good ole sitting/leaning back in bed, holding up my legs, bearing down and then getting that baby out!
A great adjustment that I loved the idea of was having my husband behind me on the bed. This allows him to rub my back between pushes, for me to lean back on him, for him to not have to see my destroyed lady bits (because he doesn’t wanna be down there), and we both get baby in our arms when they lay her on my chest. It’s probably going to be the one I opt for it allowed.

I would recommend the class just because it requires you to think about choices you would make as a couple with your experience…from the environment, the medical interventions, pain management, emergency decisions, newborn care, etc.
it also gives a huge eye opener to the dudes on everything involved in recovery so they can know what you’re going through and how to help!!

As un-awesome as nipple cream, placentas, vaginal tearing, and disposable panties sounds…we are super excited for this experience to come. We are so anxious to meet our baby girl & come even closer in our love for each other.

Whoop whoop!!


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