Week 38 (sporadic contractions & labor aids)

I experienced my first round of legit contractions last night. They were super irregular though and tapered off after about an hour. Disappointing when you’re just waiting for baby to come out and they stop!

So today I am tackling a couple natural labor inducing methods to see if they help or not. They are:

#1. Evening Primrose Oil. this is supposed to help soften the cervix. I’m already effaced 65% as of last week so maybe this will be all I need to get to 100. I read pages & pages of moms raving about how they swear by this. You take 3000mg a day which they advise to take some orally and some vaginally. If taken vaginally, the pill pops inside of you roughly 3 hours after insertion and tends to leak a little (so don’t so it during the day and wear knickers to bed).
I got mine at Walgreens for about $13.00.
On the blogs I’ve read, women reported labor/contractions/water-breaking results ranging from 2 days to 2 weeks. One lady put 4 pills vaginally and went into labor the next morning!
It’s stated online that this is neither harmful to mommy or baby, so no worries there 😉

#2. Organic Red Leaf Tea. this tea is meant to harden the uterus to help bring on those contractions. Unlike caster oil, this won’t make you sick as a dog!!
I got mine at Babies R Us for $6. There, it’s called “third trimester tea”. They recommend 1-3 cups/day. I’ll drink probably 2 throughout the day. One in the morning and one after lunch. Probably won’t drink after dinner because I’m up peeing enough at night as it is. Geez!!

Between the two if these, I was comfortable with them because they’re natural supplements as opposed to chugging oil…yeah ew! I’m currently at 38wks 6days so I’m not in desperate mode yet, but I’ll do my part to get her out since I’m this far along.

I bounce on an exercise ball at my desk at work. It helps with my massive hip pain. Can I just tell you….holy shit! Ouch! It literally feels sometimes like my leg is gonna fall right outta my hip socket. Another curveball to labor preparation.


It’s called “lightening crotch”. Ever had it? That stabbing pulse of electricity zapping your lady bits? If not…you’re lucky. I’ll just be sitting on the couch when the sensation of a cattle prong between my legs comes over me and I jolt out of nowhere. I think my husband is finally getting used to this reaction, but it’s still accompanied with that smirk like “what the hell…”. Ha.

The whole “be discreet” thing goes out the window when you need to explain things to your husband like “why you spend 30 minutes in the bathroom”, “why you’re always checking to see if you’re leaking” or to double-check your blind-shaving attempts. Lol. There’s no secrets to this lady now. I tried to remain ladylike about my problems but there comes a day where you just shout things out that you can’t take back….”because i haven’t pooped in 3 days”……like that.

Other labor inducing things I’ve read are as follows:

Walk. Ugh…how boring!! I know it’s good to get moving to help induce labor but it’s so exhausting. Lol.

Castor Oil. Literally not even doing to elaborate. It works, but you spend your labor with diarrhea and vomiting.

Sex. Yes. I can do that!

-Spicy Foods. Though enough research has yet to be done to prove this, it’s listed for the high percentage of effectiveness it has had.

Pineapple. Said to soften cervix and shorten labor all while tasting delicious.

-Nipple Stimulation. Honestly I can go without this one. It’s not relaxing to me…I just think about “OMG what if I leak colostrum”

Dancing. though you can’t go cray-cray with the dancing, it is recommended to have fun with it…maybe whip out dance dance revolution or something. Lol



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3 responses to “Week 38 (sporadic contractions & labor aids)

  1. Stephanie

    I totally hear ya. The “lightning crotch” has been the worse thing about this point in pregnancy. I get it all the time, and sometimes the strikes just keep coming so I have to get on all fours and stick my bum in the air to get baby’s head off the nerve causing it. So not fun.

    • Ha ha. I’ll have to try that position. It doesn’t usually last for a long time, but it’s awful. Lol

      • Stephanie

        It really works. I had four bad strikes in a row, so I hit the floor and found instant relief. Sadly I really don’t want to have to resort to that when in public. So far I’ve gotten lucky when out and about though and not had to deal with it.

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